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Ultimately in a sentence

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Synonym: at lastat long lastfinallyin the endSimilar words: ultimateapproximatelyestimateintimateestimatedlegitimatelatelyclimateMeaning: ['ʌltɪmətlɪ]  adv. as the end result of a succession or process. 
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1 The committee ultimately adopted his suggestions.
2 Lack the tune of lyrics, ultimately not perfect.
3 Politicians are ultimately accountable to the voters.
4 The divorce ultimately led to his ruin.
5 Ultimately, the war had to end; it cost too much in both lives and dollars.
6 Against all the odds,[] Frederick II was ultimately victorious.
7 Ultimately, the decision rests with the child's parents.
8 Biosphere 2 was ultimately ridiculed as a research debade, as exfravagant pseudoscience.
9 Everything will ultimately depend on what is said at the meeting with the directors next week.
10 We hope ultimately to be able to buy a house of our own.
11 Ultimately, you'll have to make the decision yourself.
12 Narrowly self-interested behaviour is ultimately self-defeating.
13 A poor diet will ultimately lead to illness.
14 Success in management ultimately rests on good judgment.
15 The buck stops with him. He is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the broadcast.
16 Ultimately my attitude was: stuff them.
17 He was ultimately overthrown and the country descended into chaos.
18 The board is ultimately responsible for policy decisions.
19 Her disregard of this advice was ultimately fatal.
20 Hers is a moving and ultimately triumphant story.
21 It is the chief executive's opinion which is ultimately decisive.
22 All my paintings are ultimately about the human condition .
23 She was confident that she would ultimately triumph over adversity.
24 Whether or not we can go ultimately depends on the weather.
25 Vitamin C deficiency can ultimately lead to scurvy.
26 Ultimately, Bismarck's revisionism scarcely affected or damaged British interests at all.
27 The decision ultimately rests with the council.
28 What was it ultimately that led you to leave Sarajevo for Zagreb?
29 She may be cynical about the film industry, but ultimately she has no intention of biting the hand that feeds her.
30 HIV is a progressive disease which the immune response ultimately fails to control.
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