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Circumstance in a sentence

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Synonym: conditionsituationstateSimilar words: circuitstancesubstancedistanceinstanceassistancefor instanceresistanceMeaning: ['sɜːkəmstəns]  n. 1. a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity 2. the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event 3. information that should be kept in mind when making a decision 4. formal ceremony about important occasions. 
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1. I know I can trust her in any circumstance.
2. Any unexpected circumstance that arises may catalyze a sudden escalation of violence.
3. You should soon accommodate yourself to the new circumstance.
4. After two hours of pomp and circumstance, the diplomas were awarded and the audience went wild.
5. Many people are forced by exigencies of circumstance to take some part in them.
6. We were obliged to go by force of circumstance.
7. You might say that we've been victims of circumstance.
8. He was simply a victim of circumstance.
9. He was a victim of circumstance .
10. I can't imagine a circumstance in which I would be willing to steal.
11. There are those, you know, who, by circumstance, end up homeless.
12. The circumstance could be altogether innocent, but suspicions have been raised.
13. We were simply thrown together by circumstance on the long journey.
14. The most favourable circumstance was the existence of governments in the Six which were broadly consensual in their view on integration.
15. But this was not a circumstance of homicide.
16. In this circumstance we feel more tired as the evening and the night wear on.
17. But even this sad circumstance was overshadowed for me by political events of the week.
18. We regularly take it that a causal circumstance is linked by way of a causal chain or sequence to its effect.
19. He had to leave the country through force of circumstance .
20. He was used to being in charge,[] not being the victim of circumstance .
21. The Prince was welcomed with warmth, but not with all the pomp and circumstance he was used to.
22. The survivors ate plants and insects through force of circumstance.
23. After become effective of property insurance contract, those who serve as insurance mark insurance belongings reachs his to concern a benefit, because the meeting is buying and selling, given, accede to wait for the happening of the circumstance and be transferred, after the cession of insurance mark, the alienee that insurance profit meets what change insurance bid subsequently of course.
24. The helping is represented therefore as a prior condition or circumstance which enables some one to realize the action denoted by the infinitive.
25. The Royal Family is all about serious responsibilities: pomp and circumstance, figureheads for the land of hope and glory.
26. I could mention the names of several persons whose influence over their flocks was solely attributable to this circumstance.
27. Persons become friends or enemies according to the trend of circumstance..
28. He was used to being in control of events, not the victim of circumstance; even so, the situation intrigued him.
29. What side of the border you live or work on often is nothing more than a matter of individual circumstance.
30. In some ways it's like serving a writ, only in this circumstance it's entirely beneficial to the recipient.
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