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Bifurcation in a sentence

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Sentence count:111Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Similar words: bifurcatealtercationratificationgratificationself-gratificationlocationvocationeducationMeaning: [‚baɪfə'keɪʃn]  n. 1. a bifurcating branch (one or both of them) 2. the place where something divides into two branches 3. the act of splitting into two branches. 
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(1) Subsequent period-doubling bifurcations appear as r is increased, resulting in increasingly complex periodic solutions.
(2) The bifurcations of fixed points are illustrated in Figs 3.1-3.
(3) Using enzyme concentration as the bifurcation parameter it was possible to induce reversible transitions between periodic and chaotic behavior.
(4) We have reached another bifurcation point in history.
(5) The political bifurcation is another important cause.
(6) Methods: Using the decoupling and global bifurcation theory.
(7) How to Settle bifurcation between client and us?
(8) Theory of Bifurcation and Chaos Dynamics.
(9) At the same time(, the center conditions and bifurcation of limit cycles at the origin of the quintic polynomial system are also investigated.
(10) What comes to the vesicle of crural bifurcation unripe little?
(11) The properties of bifurcation points of airfoil flutter with cubic nonlinearity in incompressible flow are studied.
(12) Local bifurcation set and stability charts were obtained in the bifurcation parameters space, while current velocities and mooring line lengths were defined as bifurcation controlling parameters.
(13) In most cases, the plaque located at the bifurcation of the carotid artery.
(14) Center conditions and bifurcation of limit cycles at the infinity for a class of quintic polynomial system were studied.
(15) The results show that it is a supercritical bifurcation point, or saddle-node bifurcation point under some parameters ranges.
(16) Bifurcation problems of fixed points of non-smooth continuous system are studied.
(17) The example shows that the bifurcation condition of single degree of freedom nonlinear oscillator can indicates the motional behavior of nonlinear flutter system.
(18) The correlation here is somewhat subtle and depends on whether one is near to the bifurcation points or far from them.
(19) Immigration trends change Changing immigration trends are largely responsible for the bifurcation in the community.
(20) At r 8. 197 the system undergoes a Hopf bifurcation and an attracting periodic solution results.
(21) Then, using the multi-parameter stability theory and unification technique,[] we solved the reduced equation and obtained the bifurcation equations and their solution.
(22) For the network storing static memory patterns, the normal form equations are of the pitch- fork bifurcation type.
(23) The existence of co-exist periodic solution is investigated by using the bifurcation theory, the implicit function theorem and the method of asymptotic expansion.
(24) According to center manifold theory, high dimensional map and simplified map are equivalent near by bifurcation point.
(25) The tangent stiffness matrix is obtained from the engineering strain and the principle for determining the limit point and bifurcation point is given.
(26) If finding lymph nodes enlargement , the range were extended to the bifurcation of common iliac artery.
(27) The circuit parameter was changed, and the way of simulation was adopted to analyze the phenomenon of bifurcation and chaos of the converter.
(28) It's illustrated how Input State linearization method is used to eliminate bifurcation so that no matter how the parameters change the system could maintain asymptotic stable equilibrium state.
(29) A detailed discussion of Brusselator model with A as bifurcation parameter is presented in this paper, using stability theory and bifurcation theory.
(30) Finally, how to choose the optimal working frequency when the frequency bifurcation happens is analyzed, and the stable voltage output is obtained by using the phase shift full bridge control.
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