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Statement in a sentence

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Synonym: accountannouncementdeclarationnoticeproclamationreportSimilar words: excitementimplementationcommencementstateestateelementbasementmovementMeaning: ['steɪtmənt]  n. 1. a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc 2. a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true 3. (music) the presentation of a musical theme 4. a nonverbal message 5. the act of affirming or asserting or stating something 6. (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program 7. a document showing credits and debits. 
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(1) There is a degree of ambiguity in this statement.
(2) Her statement was a clear expression of her views on this subject.
(3) The truth of this statement has been effectively demonstrated in Chapter 1.
(4) The Vatican released a statement condemning the recent terrorist attacks.
(5) The man made a statement to the police.
(6) "Things are moving ahead."— I found that statement vague and unclear.
(7) Her lawyer made a statement outside the court.
(8) The play makes a strong political statement.
(9) Her statement contained one or two inaccuracies.
(10) This statement must be understood in the context of the entire document.
(11) My original statement has been completely distorted by the media.
(12) The statement is emphatic in stating that there must be a quid pro quo.
(13) The statement of our delegation was singularly appropriate to the occasion.
(14) The purport of the statement is that the firm is bankrupt.
(15) The new leader's statement does not assort with his Party's principles.
(16) The spokesperson disowned a published statement.
(17) Can you show me any evidence for your statement?
(18) He made a voluntary statement to the police.
(19) Study the implications of the president's statement.
(20) The statement of the last witness controverted the evidence of the first two.
(21) The logic behind this statement is faulty.
(22) The spokesman adverted to a statement.
(23) He made a scathing attack on the statement.
(24) The Prime Minister has made a statement closely approximate to a falsehood.
(25) There's not a whit of truth in the statement.
(26) He did not expand greatly on his statement.
(27) In a halting voice she said that she wished to make a statement.
(28) Put a tick in the box if you agree with this statement.
(29) He ordered the jury to disregard the witness's last statement.
(30) He confessed to the murder but later retracted his statement.
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