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Cultural in a sentence

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Synonym: ethnicethnicalSimilar words: agriculturalcultureagriculturenaturallynaturaliststructuralruralfacultyMeaning: ['kʌltʃərəl] adj. 1. of or relating to the arts and manners that a group favors 2. denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people 3. of or relating to the shared knowledge and values of a society 4. relating to the raising of plants or animals. 
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1. They organized the festival jointly with the French cultural service.
2. Proust's work reflected his own social and cultural milieu.
3. The cultural and historical links between the many provinces were seen to be very tenuous.
4. The era was characterized by political and cultural turbulence.
5. The agreement on cultural cooperation between the two countries was rescinded on 30 April, 2002.
6. A startling cultural transformation occurred in post - war Britain.
7. Friendly contacts between different peoples facilitate the cultural and economic interchange.
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. Cultural exchanges are a way of building bridges between countries.
9. Does television adequately reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country?
10. Cultural exchanges are a way of building bridges between nations.
11. In this sense, the encyclopedic cultural value and historic significance of Dunhuang are inestimable.
12. Frequent cultural exchange will certainly help foster friendly relations between our two universities.
13. He is of high cultural background.
14. The new book was the cultural event of the year.
15. Beijing is the political, economic and cultural centre of China.
16. Our party believes in encouraging cultural diversity, not diversion.
17. Volunteers need to be sensitized to the cultural differences they will meet in African countries.
18. Cultural beliefs about the role of women converge with government policies.
19. Many unearthed cultural relics are set forth in the exhibition hall.
20. Cultural background might account for some of the variations noted in the studies.
21. His search for his cultural identity took him to where his parents were born.
22. The commission has no formal competence in cultural matters.
23. The tourist industry requires that the country's cultural assets be made more accessible.
24. The best films are those which transcend national or cultural barriers.
25. It is important to look at the political and cultural context in which the novel was written.
26. The city offers an appealing combination of sporting and cultural events.
27. We are doing this work in the context of reforms in the economic[], social and cultural spheres.
28. The theatre and cinema closed and the town became a cultural desert.
29. Small towns in South India serve as economic and cultural centres for the surrounding villages.
30. He regarded the north of the country as a separate cultural entity.
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