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Onto in a sentence

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Sentence count:261+53 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: hold on toon top ofin front ofin addition toin relation toin proportion topay attention toon the contraryMeaning: [ˈɒntuː]  prep.1. to a place or position on; upon; on: to get onto a horse. 2. Informal. in or into a state of awareness about: I'm onto your scheme. adj. 3. Also, surjective. Math. pertaining to a function or map from one set to another set, the range of which is the entire second set.. 
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1. The waves frothed as they crashed onto the beach.
2. Water was dripping onto the floor below.
3. He grafted the branch onto the apple tree.
4. Don't spatter the soup onto the table.
5. He strapped the bag onto his bicycle.
6. A little milk dribbled onto the floor.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. The encyclopedia thudded onto the floor.
8. The antibodies glom onto the virus and destroy it.
9. The ice cracked as I stepped onto it.
10. The car rolled onto its roof, trapping him.
11. The car skidded as she turned onto the highway.
12. Several of the books had fallen onto the floor.
13. She hoicked her bike onto the car roof.
14. He heaped more food onto his plate.
15. He screwed the mirror onto the wall.
16. She dished the food onto plates.
17. The dining - room opens onto a paved terrace.
18. He shifted his weight onto his back foot.
19. The trolly has been hooked onto the engine.
20. She hauled her backpack onto her back.
21. How shall I fasten this picture onto the wall?
22. The tadpoles metamorphose and emerge onto land.
23. They hoicked the box onto the table.
24. The bird flew up onto the tree.
25. Invert the cake onto a cooling rack.
26. He was strapped onto the chair.
27. Now you can burn your photos onto a CD-ROM.
28. He emptied the biscuits onto the plate.
29. The baby clung onto its mother.
30. I slipped as I stepped onto the platform.
More similar words: hold on toon top ofin front ofin addition toin relation toin proportion topay attention toon the contraryintoget intodowntowngo intomentorturn tocome intoin touchcount oncount outcut intofall intoget down torun intopoint outfit intolisten tolook intocomment onhappen toturn intomonth
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