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Bifurcate in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2016-09-25Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: biramousbranchedforficatefork-likeforkedprongedprongySimilar words: vacatelocateeducatecategoryabdicatedelicateindicateadvocateMeaning: ['baɪfəkeɪt]  v. 1. split or divide into two 2. divide into two branches. adj. resembling a fork; divided or separated into two branches. 
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1. The stream bifurcates into two narrow winding channels.
2. The road bifurcates up ahead.
3. The blood supply bifurcates between eight and thirty times before reaching each particular location in the body.
4. Failure of the portal vein to bifurcate.
5. Is bifurcate of uric make water sick?
6. Communicative and semantive translation bifurcate at a later stage of analytical or cognitive translation.
7. How to treat bifurcate of make water of prostate make water?
8. Repair bifurcate: The lubricant in protecting hair vegetable can the bifurcate of repair hair.
9. Doubt 2 : The bifurcate that send a tip can be treated.
10. Nor are things simply "different. " They are "allotropic. " In such journals writers never "divide anything. " They " dichotomize " or "bifurcate" things.
11. Drainage was to the north and individual channels bifurcate in that direction.
12. A sample of water was taken from the point where the river bifurcates.
13. The terminal branches of the aorta are the common iliac arteries,[] which themselves then bifurcate into external and internal ( hypogastric ) branches.
14. The bacterial child of dead marrow tooth can pass a pointed aperture or side rootlet canal causes a pointed week pathological change or root bifurcate pathological change.
15. Results The most common site of plaque formation was the bifurcate of the common carotid artery(56.99% ), and the second commonest was carotid artery (23.12 % ).
16. In this paper aerodynamic characteristics of maneuvering reentry vehicle of cruciform configuration and bifurcate configuration are compared by means of the wind tunnel test results.
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