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Retrospect in a sentence

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Antonym: prospectSimilar words: retrospectiveretrospectionintrospectintrospectionprospectprospectusprospectiveelectromagnetic spectrumMeaning: ['retrəʊspekt]  n. contemplation of things past. v. look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events); remember. 
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1. In retrospect, I think my marriage was doomed from the beginning.
2. In retrospect, it's easy to see why we were wrong.
3. It was , in retrospect, the happiest day of her life.
4. The decision seems extremely odd, in retrospect.
5. In retrospect, I think that I was wrong.
6. In retrospect it's obvious how we went wrong.
7. In retrospect, I wonder if we should have done more.
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8. I'm sure my university days seem happier in retrospect than they really were.
9. In retrospect, I wish that I had thought about alternative courses of action.
10. In retrospect, we should have insisted on checking his calculations, but it's easy to be wise after the event.
11. In retrospect, this split was probably inevitable.
12. That, in retrospect, was a big mistake.
13. In retrospect, it seems not only minor, but irrelevant.
14. In retrospect, that is a conservative agenda.
15. In retrospect, I would have handled it differently.
16. In anticipation and retrospect, holidays come into their own.
17. He seems in retrospect the Mahatma's fated antagonist.
18. Especially, it seemed, in retrospect.
19. In retrospect, they were spinning straw into gold.
20. Of course, but not so long in retrospect, really.
21. My discussion with Charles seemed significant only in retrospect.
22. In retrospect she had mixed feelings about it.
23. Popular fiction often becomes more important in retrospect.
24. But it does not seem that way in retrospect.
25. In retrospect, it might be argued that the significance of the liquidity trap was over-emphasised.
26. That moment seems in retrospect to have been more exciting than any of the films that followed.
27. Yet, in retrospect, Glam dovetailed exactly with developments in consumer capitalism.
28. In retrospect I wish that 1 had been less careful of their prerogatives and had exercised control over their activities.
29. Personally, I didn't think she had a chance. In anticipation and retrospect, holidays come into their own.
30. Ramsey went out of his years at school with a sense of contentment which in retrospect he knew to be a veneer.
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