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Incomprehensible in a sentence

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Sentence count:100+9 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: difficultobscureunintelligiblevagueAntonym: comprehensibleSimilar words: comprehensiblereprehensiblecomprehensivecomprehensionprehensileapprehensivesensibleostensibleMeaning: [‚ɪnkɑmprɪ'hensəbl /-kɒm-]  adj. 1. incapable of being explained or accounted for 2. difficult to understand. 
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1) The report was fairly incomprehensible.
2) She found his accent virtually incomprehensible.
3) I find your attitude quite incomprehensible.
4) These accounts are utterly incomprehensible. Can you explain them to me?
5) The ideas she espoused were incomprehensible to me.
6) She grunted some incomprehensible reply.
7) Latin verse remained completely incomprehensible to me.
8) Some application forms can be incomprehensible to ordinary people.
9) From a lay viewpoint the questionnaire is virtually incomprehensible.
10) There followed several pages of incomprehensible statistics.
11) His signature was an incomprehensible scrawl.
12) I find his attitude quite incomprehensible.
13) He found his son's actions totally incomprehensible.
14) His accent made his speech incomprehensible to me.
15) It's incomprehensible to me why he would want to kill himself.
16) As for kabbalah,[] I found it utterly incomprehensible.
17) This is incomprehensible to the vast majority of humanity.
18) To the lay observer, these technical terms are incomprehensible.
19) There was a burst of incomprehensible laughter.
20) Incomprehensible, the enormity of it all.
21) Without sacrifice, true love is incomprehensibleToba Beta 
22) The logic of that agreement is completely incomprehensible.
23) What is incomprehensible is John McEnroe's apparent efforts to keep the little woman at home.
24) She laid aside all the incomprehensible extracts from learned journals and boiled herself an egg.
25) The doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty was illegitimate, if not incomprehensible, to Rousseau.
26) The leaflet was written in jargon that would have been totally incomprehensible to anyone outside the profession.
27) Discourse which underestimates the degree of existing knowledge becomes boring; discourse which overestimates it becomes incomprehensible.
28) Men often believe what their hearts feel, and many believe in something that is incomprehensible, supernatural and superstitious. Dr T.P.Chia 
29) They passed extravagant long ago, cruised through exorbitant and finally settled somewhere in the neighborhood of incomprehensible.
30) This is particularly useful for adding explanatory graphs to otherwise incomprehensible sets of figures before printing out.
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