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Protruding in a sentence

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Sentence count:125Posted:2017-01-30Updated:2017-01-30
Similar words: protractedincludingexcludingproddingproceedingeruditetrudgeintrudeMeaning: [prəʊ'truːd /prə-]  adj. extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary. 
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1. He glimpsed a gun protruding from the man's pocket.
2. The envelope was protruding from her bag.
3. The tip of her tongue was protruding slightly.
4. The policeman saw a gun protruding from the man's pocket.
5. He hung his coat on a nail protruding from the wall.
6. I noticed a metal pipe protruding from the wall.
7. He had pointed features and protruding yellow teeth.
8. Protruding from his belly was an ugly purple scar.
9. The belly button was protruding and it looked ready to burst.
10. And so does riding a bicycle, with many protruding branches to track and avoid.
11. Extension brackets project the track out to avoid protruding window sills and radiators.
12. He had protruding ears and a thatch of curly hair that sat on his head like a woolly beret, slightly off-centre.
13. The tip of the envelope was just protruding from her bag.
14. The slides were white and round with protruding domes of multicoloured plastic.
15. Yet if you can see it still protruding, you can retrieve it before serious harm is caused.
16. His crew sawed off the protruding bar before taking him to an ill-equipped doctor.
17. He managed to hang on to a piece of rock protruding from the cliff face.
18. Inside he found what he took to be plastic explosive, wrapped in cellophane[], with a wire protruding from it.
19. Tracey made a tree with an equal number of rods protruding from each side and all of the same size.
20. They can also be distinguished by their almost globular shape and the long protruding remnant of the style sticking out on top.
21. They would let lawyers know they were available by having ears of corn or hay protruding from their shoes.
22. It had entered his open mouth, a clear six inches protruding from the back of his neck.
23. Litchfield came to the head of the bed and pushed the red button protruding from the maple headboard.
24. The shelves come to an abrupt stop as the protruding land masses plunge into the depths.
25. A major improvement was the use of a rechargeable battery inside the transmitter, which was recharged via two protruding wires.
26. Fakhru rubbed one smooth slice with his thumb and then placed the spotted nut slice on his protruding tongue.
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27. Nervously, I moved forward, fumbling round the battlements until I came to a protruding wooden pole.
28. Fedallah Personal Description: Tall, swart, with one white tooth evilly protruding from his steel-like lips.
29. Eyes Eyes are of medium size, almond-shaped with well fitting lids, moderately deep set, neither protruding nor receding.
30. They were thirsty and starving, vacant-eyed beasts with bellies bloated from hunger and protruding ribs.
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