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Predilection in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-01-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: orientationpenchantpreferencetasteSimilar words: predictionelectionselectionreflectioncollectionpredispositiongeneral electionprimary electionMeaning: [‚prɪːdl'ekʃn /-dɪ'lek-]  n. 1. a predisposition in favor of something 2. a strong liking. 
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1, He has a predilection for rich food.
2, Most readers have had a predilection to dismiss the arguments and speculations.
3, Or had he had a predilection for liking young ladies?
4, In fact, there seems to be a general predilection of benign strictures for the left side of the colon.
5, Given, then, that volcanoes have a predilection for the seaside, let's now pin down more precisely where they occur.
6, There is, however, a predilection for materials and principles of gravity, weight, mass, density and balance.
7, Of oral mucosa, periglottis is its predilection site.
8, ConclusionMacular CWZ could be a predilection site of CNV in exudative AMD.
9, Thanks for the God's predilection, I am slender and have a genius of music.
10, Powers's scientism issues in a marked predilection for describing human motivation as the product of biology.
11, Long straggly hair, stained teeth, a predilection for exposing an ageing chest and, ugh, those creepy tinted glasses.
12, Predilection towards children is conniving them[], which is adverse for their growth.
13, This would explain my predilection for rapini, since my mother serves it every Thanksgiving.
14, This would explain my predilection for rapine, since my mother serves it every Thanksgiving.
15, It seems to have a predilection for young adults, as did its notorious ancestor, the 1918 Spanish influenza.
16, It'seems a predilection for young adults, as did its notorious ancestor, the 1918 Spanish influenza.
17, A second theme is that salespeople have a predilection for a quidproquo.
18, Ever since she was a child, she has had a predilection for spicy food.
19, Spark has always had the facility to be silkily suave as she goes about examining our predilection for worshipping false gods.
20, This supposition becomes more likely in light of Hamann's predilection for parables as the most appropriate genre for telling the truth.
21, He is a grammarian, a swordsman, a musician with a predilection for the fugue.
22, Many blacks were also concerned, particularly after Johnson showed a predilection for escorting white women.
23, Lacking the certainty that arises from inner, mystic experience,( we have a predilection to replace genuine knowledge with dogma.
24, In general, the majority of salivary gland tumours, except adenolymphoma, had no sex predilection.
25, Objective: Enunciating the characteristics of concrete blood flowing state and parameter in the predilection site of arteriosclerosis obliterans, and providing theoretical basis for deep study.
26, The structure of the optic head has been found superior : inferior predilection for injury in glaucoma.
27, Some of its employees, in their zeal to win the business of wealthy Americans with a predilection for fibbing to the taxman , seem to have confused discretion with spycraft.
28, Multiple tumors are usually symmetrically distributed and have a predilection for the midareas of the face, particularly the nasolabial folds, nose, forehead, and preauricular regions.
29, Both occur more commonly in women during the 5th decade of life with a predilection for similar sites of involvement including the cerebral convexities, sphenoid ridge, falx, and tentorium.
30, Eccrine poroma is a benign adnexal skin tumor seen in middle aged individuals with no sex predilection.
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