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Prediction in a sentence

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Synonym: anticipationforecastingforetellingprevisionprognosticationSimilar words: predictjurisdictiondictionary ordermedicationfictionreductionconvictionrestrictionMeaning: [prɪ'dɪkʃn] n. 1. the act of predicting (as by reasoning about the future) 2. a statement made about the future. 
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1. He was unwilling to make a prediction about which books would sell in the coming year.
2. The prediction of 4 million unemployed now looks horrifyingly realistic.
3. Earthquake prediction is an inexact science .
4. Not many people agree with the government's prediction that the economy will improve.
5. Browning's prediction is no better than a wild guess.
6. They were accurate in their prediction that he would change her life drastically.
7. Skilled readers make use of context and prediction.
8. Our prediction turns out to be correct.
9. This great prediction is coming true.
10. Weather prediction has never been a perfect science.
11. The prediction seems to have come true.
12. Do you take seriously his prediction of a government defeat?
13. His prediction was right on the money.
14. This prediction from the original version of the logogen model turns out to be wrong.
15. Prediction claims attract intense and unwarrantedly optimistic coverage by the media.
16. The prediction: Some one from the Cowboys or Steelers will use a four-letter word during a live locker-room interview.
17. For example, his best known prediction made in 1949 that crystal growth is mediated by dislocations has been confirmed on many occasions.
17. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
18. It is a key prediction of this chapter that in the future analogue computers will outnumber digital ones.
19. In 1999, a prediction that 60 percent of the harvest would be lost turned out to be optimistic.
20. This prediction is underscored by the changing trends in consumer behavior.
21. She was proved wrong, but when her prediction first became known, the Dow fell 44 points.
22. The figures are imprecise because they're based on a prediction of next year's sales.
23. There are too many imponderables to make an accurate prediction.
24. In this case relative factor rewards also provide a valid prediction of the intersectoral pattern of trade.
25. It was, as has often been observed, a safe prediction that major operations would not take place in midwinter.
26. And the trends of the past few decades seem to confirm that prediction.
27. Although the Newtonian equations governing the elements are well known, long-term weather prediction is notoriously unreliable!
28. In one sense it is a simplification, but also it is a clarification which is intended to provide understanding and prediction.
29. Given Mr Mertz's success since taking over in 1986, his prediction should be taken seriously.
30. The fact that relative factor endowments provide a valid prediction of the intersectoral pattern of trade was established in this chapter.
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