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Repatriate in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2016-12-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: patriarchpatriarchypatriarchalpatriotpatricianpsychiatristinfuriateinebriatedMeaning: [rɪː'peɪtrɪeɪt /-'pæt-]  n. a person who has returned to the country of origin or whose citizenship has been restored. v. 1. send someone back to his homeland against his will, as of refugees 2. admit back into the country. 
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1) An agreement between the countries enables companies to repatriate their profits freely.
2) In that event, an obligation to repatriate could be legally nullified.
3) Italy is using military helicopters to repatriate 292 Albanian refugees.
4) The UK owner be compelled to repatriate foreign earnings.
5) If they repatriate that one USD they need to provide an equivalent value in Yuan to get it home.
6) Foreign investors are to be allowed to repatriate profits over one billion rupees.
7) They helped repatriate Brenda Martin , a Canadian convicted of money laundering in Mexico.
8) Party A shall repatriate the patient to Chinabear the cost of his passage to Guangzhou.
9) Suffering households and companies are more likely to repatriate overseas investments.
10) In February Meccano said it would repatriate manufacturing jobs from China to its headquarters in Calais.
11) Many of these people sought repatriate and complex questions of citizenship arose.
12) The government aims to repatriate all Vietnamese migrants ( VMs ) and VIIs as soon as possible.
13) It was not the policy of the government to repatriate genuine refugees.
14) Earlier the government had approved amendments codifying foreign exchange regulations to enable foreign companies to repatriate profits.
15) But it didn't match any modern Indian tribe,( a finding that Indians see as the latest scheme to deny tribes the right to repatriate and rebury such remains.
16) In this part, you need to formulate in detail repatriate the plan.
17) Separately, he also promises to "examine every grain of sand" to repatriate the remains of 13,000 fallen Japanese soldiers who are still unaccounted for at the Pacific Island battleground of Iwo Jima.
18) How does a company remit its profits and dividends and repatriate capital abroad?
19) Some Asian countries hit hard by recession in the late 1990 s tried to repatriate migrant workers.
20) They would prefer tax amnesties to persuade people to repatriate their money.
21) The flight abetted by national financial authorities the centre who encouraged banks to repatriate their capital.
22) The government relies on organizations such as Save the Children to safely repatriate victims.
23) And a law change in Japan has encouraged corporations to repatriate profits earned abroad without getting hit by a hefty tax.
24) In addition, there is the persistent undercurrent of Japanese corporations buying yen as they repatriate profits or income earned off investments abroad.
25) He was appointed to China's highest political advisory body and curried favor through spending lavishly to repatriate national art treasures.
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