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Primates in a sentence

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Sentence count:119Posted:2017-01-16Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: primaryreprimandprimarilyreprimandedprima facieprimary electionclimateanimateMeaning: ['praɪmeɪt]  n. an animal order including lemurs and tarsiers and monkeys and apes and human beings. 
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1. Other primates laugh by panting rapidly.
2. And the evidence from other primates is equally ambiguous.
3. The dominance hierarchies of primates are often more complex, overlapping networks, rather than the simple ladder of the hen hierarchy.
4. Sharing is rare in primates and the chimpanzee behaviour may indicate the sources of human mealtime ceremonials.
5. In primates it seems to be based on social rank.
6. Most primates, for example, use their canine teeth for fighting.
7. Primates and prelates exercised political power most effectively when they were moving in support of magnate opposition; against united barons they were impotent.
8. Providing one sticks to primates there is much scope for successful extrapolation.
9. However, the hierarchies of hens and of various primates share many features in common.
10. Our main inference was that as insectivorous primates radiated within the forest they took to fruit-eating and became diurnal.
11. As with other primates, male chimpanzees have a clear hierarchy that controls access to females.
12. Like our own hands, those of most primates allow them to manipulate objects with a high degree of precision.
13. Macaques and other less intelligent primates have not yet displayed the self-recognition abilities of apes and humans.
14. Until recently they were thought to be primitive primates but now science has put them firmly among the insectivores.
15. Fruit eating primates have relatively larger brains than those that eat leaves.
16. These advanced primates had large brains and eyes at the front of the face that gave them stereoscopic forward vision.
17. Superior intelligence and the use of lauguage distinguish man from the other primates.
18. Kohak points out that anthropologists use the evidence of worship as a key way to distinguish between humans and higher primates.
19. Humans contract the disease when bitten by mosquitoes that have been infected by primates.
20. What is true of the chimpanzee and the higher primates in general is even more true of man.
21. Nevertheless,[] the plants are dispersed by a range of other agents including primates and even water.
22. When applied to the newly discovered cytochrome oxidase blobs in the visual cortex of primates the correlational approach is quite
23. In Sarawak, travelers will visit Bako National Park, known for its birds, primates and pitcher plants.
24. Here we show that the P3A exon is present only in primates and man and it is conserved through primate evolution.
25. In percentage terms the number of larger mammals, including primates, is very low.
26. Fidel would be seized by cramps, vomiting and fits of coughing, just like the long-tailed primates, and horribly die.
27. Culture in man depends on the development of psychological traits not found in other primates.
28. Age has little effect on dominance in hens, but in many primates older animals are often dominant to juveniles.
29. The major growth of cerebral cortex, as our ancestors became fancier and fancier primates, was sideways.
30. These have a carcinogenic effect in 39 animal species, including primates.
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