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Patriarch in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2016-10-03Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: patriarchypatronpatrolmarchstarchanarchymonarchyresearchMeaning: ['peɪtrɪɑrk /-ɑːk]  n. 1. title for the heads of the Eastern Orthodox Churches (in Istanbul and Alexandria and Moscow and Jerusalem) 2. the male head of family or tribe 3. any of the early biblical characters regarded as fathers of the human race 4. a man who is older and higher in rank than yourself. 
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(1) I thought of myself as a patriarch, dispensing words of wisdom to all my children.
(2) The patriarch of the house, Mr Jawad, rules it with a ferocity renowned throughout the neighbourhood.
(3) He is its founder, leader and patriarch.
(4) In 1905 he was made the first patriarch templar.
(5) Tobie, who regarded the Patriarch with undiluted horror, felt thankful.
(6) He should try the Latin Patriarch next: that's Bessarion, godfather to one of his sons.
(7) Wherever the Lutheran patriarch went, he ran into the problem of disorders.
(8) It was as patriarch that Michael Romanov's father, Filaret, dominated the government between 1618 and 1633.
(9) WEAPONS/ARMOUR: The Supreme Patriarch carries a sword but wears no armour as this would compromise his magic.
(10) As late as the succession crisis of 1682 patriarch Joachim played a critical role and even briefly acted as Regent.
(11) No one, knowing the Patriarch, could doubt that, after a day of his voice, Zacco was sick of him.
(12) So far there was no word from the Patriarch, or from Abyssinia.
(13) Back in the village he is the patriarch, since his father and elder brother are dead.
(14) Perversely, Tess adores this faintly sinister patriarch, and hopes to wheedle her way into his affections.
(15) The patriarch paid him a handsome price.
(16) Patriarch Feng was Guru Chen's teacher in Tang Tantra.
(17) Her patriarch is strict with her.
(18) He supported the patriarch, he conciliated the Greeks.
(19) At first the patriarch Nicholas Mystikos regency.
(20) Who was the old patriarch of this family?
(21) Each family of gorillas is led by a great silverbacked patriarch.
(22) When a further instruction stated that vessels used in services were not exempt, the Patriarch Tikhon told the faithful to resist.
(23) He replaced Vazgen I, who died in August 1994 after nearly four decades as supreme patriarch.
(24) It was called not by a pope, nor even a patriarch,[] but by the Empress Irene.
(25) The 1994 deal with Prince Waleed came a year after the death of family patriarch Mel Swig.
(26) Suddenly there came the sound of the tread of the patriarch.
(27) He is also, and first of all, the bishop of Rome and, for Eastern Christians, the patriarch of the West.
(28) One, he said, had been written by Abraham, the Jewish patriarch.
(29) The king was blamed for a bigamous marriage (as Arda was still alive) and the Patriarch Arnulf was deposed.
(30) In 1589 tsarist authorities, headed by Boris Godunov, succeeded in naming their own patriarch as head of the Russian Orthodox Church for the first time in Russian history.
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