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Extraterrestrial in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2016-11-20Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: trial and errorindustrialrestrictmaterialrestrictionstrategystrategicfrustrateMeaning: n. a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere. adj. originating or located or occurring outside Earth or its atmosphere. 
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1. One theory about the existence of extraterrestrial life rests on the presence of carbon compounds in meteorites.
2. NASA has started a 10-year search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
3. These in turn tend to point to extraterrestrial phenomena.
4. And Morphix, the extraterrestrial game-show host, sometimes disappears, leaving only a piece of himself on screen.
5. Yet today information sent back from extraterrestrial space is unveiling an awesome picture of our physical universe.
6. Since the first acceptance of meteorites as extraterrestrial material in the early 1800s, three major classes of meteorites have been recognized.
7. All discussions of extraterrestrial civilizations therefore have to be purely speculative.
8. You must understand how to discern the extraterrestrial energies.
9. Discovering just one extraterrestrial civilization would have profound significance.
10. Have an extraterrestrial being really in the world?
11. Methane may have extraterrestrial significance.
12. Soon after his career went stratospheric, Jackson went extraterrestrial.
13. If you had a close encounter with an extraterrestrial.
14. See UFO ,[] can there is extraterrestrial being paying the earth a visit?
15. Generally thinking, microspherulites are of both extraterrestrial and terrestrial origins.
16. For those who hanker after extraterrestrial life that is a pity.
17. British scientist Stephen Hawking is worried that any extraterrestrial life we find is likely to be a creature out of the movie Predator – not ET.
18. Since none of these meteorites had been observed to fall, proof of their extraterrestrial origin was impossible.
19. And some clues emerged to the motives of the group that seemed focused on reaching for an extraterrestrial haven.
20. In a ceremony today, state officials will proclaim Nevada 375 the Extraterrestrial Highway.
21. Maybe the reason scientists have yet to receive signals from extraterrestrial intelligence is because there isn't any extraterrestrial intelligence sending signals.
22. In this scenario, the earth simply provided fertile ground for extraterrestrial imports.
23. Citing mathematical probabilities clearly does not establish the nonexistence of extraterrestrial being.
24. So as the Moon beams down on you this Christmas take it as an extraterrestrial greeting for a happy 1983!
25. Most importantly, the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Science positioned itself as a leading sponsor on scientific inquiry into extraterrestrial life.
26. A cyberjazz blend of alien voices, ambient textures and extraterrestrial grooves.
27. SETI is a scientific experiment that uses Internet - connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( SETI ).
28. They claimed that they had been in contact with extraterrestrial beings.
29. "An orbiting sensor like Hyperion could be used to identify chemicals in Europa's non-ice deposits that may be a sign of extraterrestrial microbial life, " NASA states.
30. From the perspective of a satellite, the crater is subtle but discernible—concentric rings in the arid landscape, evidence of an extraterrestrial object crashing into our planet millions of years ago.
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