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Rage in a sentence

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Synonym: angercrazedeliriumexcitementfadfashionfitfrenzyfurormaniapassionstormstyleviolenceAntonym: calmcomposeSimilar words: garagefor agesstoragecoverageencouragediscouragecourageousdiscouragedMeaning: [reɪdʒ] n. 1. a feeling of intense anger 2. a state of extreme anger 3. something that is desired intensely 4. violent state of the elements 5. an interest followed with exaggerated zeal. v. 1. behave violently, as if in state of a great anger 2. be violent; as of fires and storms 3. feel intense anger. 
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1. The rage of a wild boar is able to spoil more than one wood. 
2. He was champing with rage at the delay.
3. He quivered all over with rage.
4. His face turned purple with rage.
5. Sue stormed out of the room in a rage.
6. In a frenzy of rage she hit him.
7. My meetings with him left me inarticulate with rage.
8. Bands of law breakers used to rage through the town, shooting and robbing.
9. Most air rage incidents involve heavy drinking.
10. His face was contorted with rage.
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11. He left in a rage of humiliation.
12. He flies into a rage if you even mention the subject.
13. He exploded in a paroxysm of rage.
14. The carpenter flung aside his tools in a rage.
15. Sobbing with rage, Carol was taken to the hospital.
16. She bolted out of the room in a rage.
17. His words roused a great rage inside her.
18. My father was in a rage last night.
19. He punched the wall in a fit of rage.
20. He felt like crying with rage.
21. His face was dark with rage.
22. The 1950s look is all the rage at the moment.
23. His rage was beginning to subside.
24. He flies into a rage when you mention her.
25. He was filled with an ungovernable rage.
26. As soon as he finished reading the collect letter, he flew into a rage and tore it into pieces.
27. As soon as he finished reading the collect letter, he fell into a rage and tore it into pieces.
28. Losing a game would cause him to fly into a rage.
29. Earlier today a man was arrested for attacking a motorist in a road rage incident.
30. I should avoid the director this morning, he's foaming with rage over some decision that's been made.
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