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Parakeet in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2017-03-10
Similar words: rakebrakerake-offmuckrakertake effectparadeparallaxparallelMeaning: ['pærəkɪːt]  n. any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots. 
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1. They are like the parakeet in the mine — they are a good barometer of what's going on.
2. She came with a parakeet in a cage.
3. There was nobody in the shop but the parakeet.
4. The parakeet began to squawk when I walked in.
5. Streaming video of Sparky the parakeet.
6. At least three other parakeet species have established feral breeding colonies: the most numerous is the ring-necked parakeet, now common in many London parks and suburbs.
7. Unlike its relative the ring-necked parakeet, which is the UK's only naturalised parrot, the doomed species builds huge communal nests.
8. A parakeet(Melopsittacus undulatus )native to Australia and having green, yellow,[] or blue plumage. It is a popular cage bird bred in a variety of colors not found in wild populations.
9. Indeed, the parakeet was in love with what is essential to man, namely, his attire (accoutrement).
10. I had a little yellow parakeet when I was young.
11. She turned slowly in the middle of the living room, like a gyrating parakeet.
12. The housekeeper, Mary McLellan, served Dubonnet, Margarett opened the aviary, and a parakeet flew to her shoulder.
13. It was extinction by dilution, and to the ornithologists it was just as tragic as the more dramatic demise of the passenger pigeon or the Carolina parakeet.
14. She shares her home in California with two Cavalier King Charles spaniels and one African ringneck parakeet.
15. With its green back, pale grey chest, pale orange beak and blue wing feathers, the monk parakeet, which grows to around 30cm in length, is a distinctive addition to the UK's wildlife.
16. She shares her home in California with three Cavalier King Charles spaniels and one African ringneck parakeet.
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