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Separatism in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-02-16Updated:2017-02-16
Similar words: separationseparateseparate fromreparationpreparationparasitismpreparatorycomparativelyMeaning: ['seprətɪzm]  n. 1. a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups 2. a disposition toward schism and secession from a larger group; the principles and practices of separatists 3. advocacy of a policy of strict separation of church and state. 
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1. There has been an alarming rise in separatism and inter-ethnic violence in the country.
2. I had to let go of separatism.
3. My involvement with separatism lasted five years, but in a very real sense it will never leave me.
4. Separatism was the source of this theme and the means by which it spilled into every area of feminist activity.
5. All women who come to separatism do so as a reaction to the brutality and institutionalized sexism of men.
6. Their withdrawal, their separatism, was, they said, a sane response to an insane world.
7. Graduated separatism, the acceptable face of separatism, can be seen as the ripples which pass outwards from this.
8. Graduated separatism accepts pure separatism's definition of the problem, but not the solution.
9. Separatism is an exhausting act of faith, and because of insistent pressure on you to repent,(sentencedict .com) it requires almost daily reaffirmation.
10. If male-female separatism characterized the first decade of the new century, it was separatism of a very distinct flavor.
11. Separatism is a serious problem in quebec.
12. China opposes all forms of terrorism, separatism and extremism.
13. Practicing separatism does not enjoy popularity.
14. The democratic system cannot prevent the armed separatism that is growing as fast as India's economy.
15. Meanwhile, propaganda slogans are daubed everywhere. "Separatism hurts everybody, " said one example, translated for me by a fellow traveller who spoke Chinese.
16. A: Dalai's hypocritic nature of separatism has been recognized by more and more countries and people around the world.
17. Meanwhile , activities of terrorism, separatism and extremism are also increasing.
18. One is whether separatism is quite as moribund as it now seems.
19. Wen emphasized that the "three forces", i.e. terrorism, separatism and extremism, including the "East Turkestan", have increasingly become the major threats to regional security and stability.
20. Separatism and racial conflict has been haunting the post - cold war community.
21. We thought that if women wanted to know about separatism they could read this, and then leave us in peace.
22. You do not have to be a separatist or even a lesbian to enjoy the benefits of graduated separatism.
23. My aggressive five-year ego trip along the path of separatism was over.
24. Let me return to my own experiences to illustrate the relationship between pure and graduated separatism.
25. The Liberal victory in Quebec was a personal victory for Chretien, a strong opponent of separatism.
26. In 1371, the Ming Dynasty Hongwu four years, Chagatai Khanate perish, for many separatism in Xinjiang separatist regimes.
27. In Xinjiang, trials and executions of Uighurs charged with separatism continued.
28. The extremity of national identity evolves easily into national separatism.
29. Islam played an important role in the formation of Malay Muslim Separatism in Southern Thailand.
30. He faced severe pressure even before Tunisia's turmoil, with tribal unrest in the north, separatism in the south and al-Qaeda in the east and elsewhere.
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