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Leading in a sentence

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Synonym: aheadin the leadleadleadershipleading(a)leadingpreeminentprimastarstarringstellar(a)Similar words: tradingreadilysteadilyleadpleadleaderlead tolead up toMeaning: ['lɪːdɪŋ]  n. 1. thin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing 2. the activity of leading. adj. 1. indicating the most important performer or role 2. going or proceeding or going in advance; showing the way 3. greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement 4. having the leading position or higher score in a contest. 
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(1) There were two doors leading off the central room.
(2) Just where is all this leading us?
(3) Several leading creatives are involved in the advertising campaign.
(4) He played a leading role in solving the problem.
(5) His car was abreast of the leading car.
(6) The Democratic candidate is still leading in the polls.
(7) John's playing the leading role in this year's play.
(8) The paper's leading article described the government as weak.
(9) She's been leading throughout the race, but it now looks as if she's tiring.
(10) With England leading 3-0, the probable result is an England victory/England are the probable winners.
(11) She gave a vibrant performance in the leading role in the school play.
(12) The army played a leading role in organizing the attempted coup.
(13) The road leading to the farm was little more than a dirt track .
(14) Opposition demonstrators have erected barricades in roads leading to the parliament building.
(15) This book surveys the events leading to the Civil War.
(16) Above the treeline take a grassy path leading steeply towards the summit.
(17) Leading opponents of the proposed cuts in defence spending will meet later today.
(18) A leading article in "The Times" accused the minister of lying.
(19) Many leading scientists do not consider that science can give absolutely reliable knowledge.
(20) A broad valley opened up leading to a high, flat plateau of cultivated land.
(21) In the months leading up to the great ceremony, many people took part in the preparations.
(22) The leading man broke his leg in the middle of rehearsals.
(23) Many microwaves heat unevenly, leading to hot spots in the milk.
(24) The police have reconstructed the chain of events leading to the murder.
(25) Brooks was abreast with the leading runner for a few minutes but then fell behind.
(26) Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for American women in their forties.
(27) Heading away from the mountains, I soon found an easier path leading downhill to the village.
(28) The company has consolidated its position as the country's leading gas supplier.
(29) He started telling me about a wonderful new restaurant he'd been to and I wondered what he was leading up to.
(30) Your job as a supporting actor is to play np to the leading character.
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