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Parallax in a sentence

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Similar words: parallelparalyzedparalysisparallelismsmell a ratnatural lawparadecultural lagMeaning: ['pærəlæks]  n. the apparent displacement of an object as seen from two different points that are not on a line with the object. 
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1. At present, parallax measurements for pulsars are few and barely significant.
2. Parallax is not the only method of measuring stellar distances.
3. Futurism Effects of parallax have influenced the work of many twentieth century artists.
4. Meditation corrects life's errors of parallax, for it contrasts the present the eternal against verities of one's own being.
5. Parallax Our attitude towards edges is affected by our binary form.
6. Thus parallax would be achieved for the simulated surface.
7. This technique approximates the parallax that can be observed on uneven surfaces.
8. Since any parallax effect depends on point of view, a vector from a point on the surface to the eye is required.
9. The parallax barrier is the main technology to realize auto stereoscopic display.
10. Although the model of the parallax algorithm in The Surya Siddhanta is equivalent to the theoretic algorithm, there is an error between the results in The Surya Siddhanta and the theoretic results.
11. Its feature is that reconstructed image is whole parallax, viewer's location is not defined , and quasi-monochromatic image can be obtained .
12. In other words, for the parallax effect to be visible, you need to be close the surface and look at it from a low angle.
13. The large spindly automatons employ advanced sensors and parallax signal tracing dishes to track down targets.
14. Parallax correction mark in the viewfinder can help avoid chopp head and feet at close distance.
15. An autostereoscopic display based on parallax barrier is the main optical technology autostereoscopic display devices.
16. This technique approximates the parallax seen when moving the eye relative to an uneven surface.
17. Parallax mapping is a computationally inexpensive[], approximate 2 D effect that.
18. Parallax Apparent displacement of an object because of the observer's change of view point.
19. Do not forget to keep the subject within the parallax correction mark.
20. Based on the principle that homologous points in different parallax images correspond to the same object point, a method is proposed to eliminate the vertical parallax in multi-view parallax images.
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21. Terrain texture: the camera is at a low distance with a low angle. The parallax effect can clearly be visible - this is the good case for the algorithm! -.
22. The image exhibits three - dimensional characteristics, ie , the parallax effect.
23. This simplification keeps textures looking good at shallow angles, but it also reduces the parallax effect, which isn't as bad as it sounds.
24. The experimental results show that the proposed method can effectively synthesize different views with misregistration or parallax.
25. When placed in front of an LCD, the screen creates a sense of depth using the parallax effect (each eye views an object from a slightly different angle).
26. For solving the problem of ghost image recurred on 3DTV, the light-path of lens is symmetrically divided by optical switch to obtain parallax image.
27. They measured the star's proper motion and calculated its stellar parallax.
28. In addition, all stars appear to move in the sky due to "stellar parallax" – the slight displacement caused by the motion of the Earth around the Sun.
29. The technique outlined below involves parallel cameras (as opposed to toe-in) and as such creates optimal stereo pairs without vertical parallax.
30. For purpose, the algorithm will be applied to image compression on based parallax among stereo images in three dimensions stereo display.
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