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Parasitism in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-01-24Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: parasiteas it isanti-semitismparallelismas far asabrasionas it werein so far asMeaning: ['pærəsaɪtɪzm]  n. the relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it (usually not fatal damage). 
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1) The parasitism of advertising enables it to use and discard any style and content for its own ends.
2) Gastrointestinal parasitism is characterized gastroenteritis, unthriftiness and anemia.
3) You hate emotional parasitism, whiners and outsiders interfering with your business.
4) The key interspecific interactions are competition, predation, parasitism and mutualism, whilst the main intraspecific interactions are competition, cannibalism and altruism.
5) The parasitism of Apanteles galleriae was studied in the laboratory condition with the young larvae of Galleria mellonela as its host.
6) Previous oviposition experience significantly increased parasitism against both the most suitable and the hypo-suitable host larvae.
7) The rate of parasitism was significantly higher in the natural control check plots than those in the other control measure plots (bio insecticide, chemical insecticide and transgenic Bt cotton).
8) Can cancer cell be in the parasitism of which a few place of human body?
9) It is right to check on parasitism natural enemy in flavescens cocoon by soft X ray.
10) The parasitism and excursion of vermiform mites on human faces and their survival in vitro were observed by using the cellophane method.
11) The uncinariasis uncinariasis is because the uncinaria parasitism causes in the human body small intestine disease.
12) Parasitism is differentiated from the parasitoid relationship by the fact that parasitoids generally kill their hosts.
13) At present one kind of new parasitism quietly emerges above the network such carrier network relations.
14) Parasitism characteristics of spirometra mansoni sparganum in the living donor kidney are analyzed by present cases and relevant literatures.
15) I only am the parasitism in deep place some corner that small bead.
16) Its main attractions are the optimal utilisation of permanent grassland and the control of internal parasitism without resort to therapy.
17) But genuine co-operation between colonies seems always to boil down to pure parasitism.
18) The antifungal mechanism of Trichoderma is varied, including antibiotic, dissolve hypha, parasitism and competition.
19) It compares the genome of Brugia malayi, a parasitic worm, with those of two other organisms to identify genes specifically associated to parasitism.
20) The relationship between parasite and its host is the key to understand the successful parasitism and control the parasitosis.
21) The results of host egg exposure showed that imidacloprid, triazophos, fipronil and chlorpyrifos were all badly detrimental to adult survival[], parasitism capacity(F0)and adult emergence(F1).
22) An isolate of Cunninghamella elegans from egg masses of Meloidogyne incognita was evaluated in vitro for parasitism of separated eggs or egg mass of M.
23) The composition change of blood protein is caused by pebrine protozoa parasitism and multiplication.
24) Many biologists think that sex, for example, is a response to parasitism.
25) The application of cyromazine and azadirachtion had fewer effects on the field population fluctration, but the parasitism was increased greatly as compared with the control and other treatments.
26) The biological characteristics of Dendroctonus ponderosae in BC, Canada was introduced from its distribution, parasitism , morphology, life cycle to its damage.
27) The impaired organ, tissue,( etc. Of mollusc host caused by parasitism.
28) The literature created in the enemy-occupied areas is a specific form of the Chinese contemporary literature with multiplicity, covertness and parasitism.
29) The eradication of cowbirds has been going on for a while here in an effort to study the effect of their parasitism on endangered birds such as the black-capped vireo and the golden-cheeked warbler.
30) Medical Parasitology is a science on the studies of parasitism and the interactions between parasites and their hosts.
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