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Orient in a sentence

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Synonym: EastOrienteastern hemisphereorientatepointAntonym: OccidentSimilar words: orientationnutrientfriendfriendlyexperienceboyfriendexperiencedgirlfriendMeaning: ['ɔːrɪənt]  n. 1. the countries of Asia 2. the hemisphere that includes Eurasia and Africa and Australia. v. 1. be oriented 2. determine one's position with reference to another point 3. cause to point. adj. (poetic) eastern. 
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1. We must orient our work to the needs of the markets.
2. Visually impaired people orient themselves by touch.
3. to orient the commodities towards one's custom.
4. The people in the Orient are mainly yellow or brown.
5. It took him some time to orient himself in his new school.
6. You can easily orient yourself in the city by the famous buildings.
7. You will need the time to orient yourself to your new way of eating.
8. We must orient our products to the needs of the market.
9. She looked at the street names, trying to orient herself.
10. The climbers stopped to orient themselves before descending the mountain.
11. The mountaineers found it hard to orient themselves in the fog.
12. Orient Tours, which deals only with travel agencies.
13. The climbers stopped to orient themselves.
14. The orient has three species of tarsiers.
15. Alice missed it, as she groped to orient herself.
16. But in the Orient Hsu Fu could also be a spiritual and religious icon, a figure to be revered.
17. That most men orient themselves more as subjects than as citizens is a familiar theme.
18. This morning, the Cheltenham restaurant, the Orient Rendezvous, was closed.
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19. For there is in the Orient no interest in the individual as such, or in unique, unprecedented facts or events.
20. Humankind needed to orient itself Continually by Signs, or by an address.
21. In people, all it does is orient them toward the bottom line.
22. They carried on trade in tea and spices with the orient.
23. Each centre will be designed to help even the most physically disabled or confused people move around and orient themselves easily.
24. Columbus set off to find a new route to the Orient.
25. In truth no expense will be spared to royally entertain the guests on board the Champagne Orient Express.
26. It can be anything from a rich and succulent casserole to a stir fry recipe with a subtle hint of the Orient.
27. In the process of being selves we tend to orient ourselves differently according to our gender.
28. Gender is thus an interesting feature to consider when we ask how we orient ourselves.
29. Learned geographers of the day insisted that adventurers could reach the Orient by sailing westward.
30. This is no doubt because in science and invention the Occident is so far ahead Of the Orient.
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