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Minimize in a sentence

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Antonym: maximizeSimilar words: minimalminimumdiminishtimingeliminatediminutivepreliminaryministryMeaning: ['mɪnɪmaɪz] v. 1. make small or insignificant 2. represent as less significant or important 3. cause to seem less serious; play down. 
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1. You can minimize the dangers of driving by taking care to obey the rules of the road.
2. To minimize collateral damage maximum precision in bombing was required.
3. The polar explorers took every precaution to minimize the dangers of their trip.
4. Every effort is being made to minimize civilian casualties.
5. To minimize the risk of burglary, install a good alarm system.
6. Engineers are always looking for ways to minimize drag when they design new aircraft.
7. One of the effective measures to minimize the dangers of driving is to teach people to obey all the rules of the road.
8. Click on the top of the window to minimize it.
9. Environmentalists are doing everything within their power to minimize the impact of the oil spill.
10. We must minimize the risk of infection.
11. Good hygiene helps to minimize the risk of infection.
12. Banks will seek to minimize their exposure to risk.
13. Considerable ingenuity is needed to minimize costs.
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14. Succulents often have thick waxy cuticles to minimize water loss.
15. Patient education is important to minimize the risk of a second heart attack.
16. Every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience to customers while work is in progress.
17. Minimize any windows you have open.
18. It would be most unwise to minimize the dangers of this course of action.
19. We are trying to minimize the impact of price rises on our customers.
20. Click the square icon again to minimize the window.
21. We must not minimize the problem of racial discrimination.
22. They try to minimize electronics imports from each other and are often in direct competition in export markets.
23. This caution obviously arises from the need to minimize the risk of long-term side-effects caused by seemingly innocent new substances.
24. We had about ten hours' warning, so we were able to minimize the effects of the flood.
25. The government is involved in a damage limitation exercise to minimize the effects of the scandal.
26. Underlay forms a cushion between the carpet and the floor, to minimize wear.
27. The rail company is bringing in more trains in an effort to minimize disruption to travellers.
28. It's important to focus on your strengths and to minimize your weaknesses.
29. The next hearings will be structured differently in order to minimize the inquisitorial atmosphere.
30. After the closing of its distribution centers led to organizational disaster, the firm did its best to minimize these consequences.
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