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Similarly in a sentence

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Synonym: likewiseSimilar words: similarsimilarityregularlyparticularlyearlynearlynot nearlyearly warningMeaning: ['sɪm(ɪ)lə(r)lɪ]  adv. in like or similar manner. 
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1 wrong. Similarly, you are to blame.
2 He was late and I similarly was delayed.
3 Her servants were similarly, if less ostentatiously attired.
4 Similarly, lawyers parcel out work based on who does that best.
5 The brothers dress similarly.
6 She was late and I similarly was delayed.
7 Husband and wife were similarly successful in their chosen careers.
8 Similarly,[] business has to enter into agreements.
9 Gordon's, Tanqueray and Booth's Gins are similarly leading brands in the white spirits market.
10 Similarly, Fire Support Company had to set up their display of mortars, anti-tank missiles and Scimitar tracked recce vehicles.
11 The bus station was similarly desolate, while the cinema, cultural centre, public baths and a hospital have closed.
12 Compatibility between monitors and implements is similarly important if farmers are to adopt precision farming technology with confidence.
13 Similarly[], basal serum gastrin concentrations do not alter with ageing in healthy men.
14 Classical music was, to begin with, a similarly less controlled area.
15 Similarly, the war provided a receptive atmosphere for a reappraisal of the economic and recreational role of the countryside.
16 And his bottom-of-the-table Forest side looked similarly browbeaten after slipping to their ninth defeat of the season.
17 Wealth, however, is not similarly constrained.
18 Similarly, an event like the landing of astronauts on the moon either has taken place or it hasn't.
19 Similarly, the silk-wearing bourgeoisie of Granada contrasted with the poor, cotton-clad peasants from the mountains nearby.
20 Similarly an insect walking on the surface of a pond would have gravity counteracted by the surface tension of the water.
21 The first letter she wrote me was less than a page long, and her second letter was similarly brief.
22 Most of the men who now gathered round him again were similarly dressed.
23 The United States won most of the track and field events. Similarly, in swimming, the top three places went to Americans.
24 The cost of food and clothing has come down in recent years. Similarly, fuel prices have fallen quite considerably.
25 The dining room was dark and gloomy, and the food was similarly lacking in charm.
26 A mother recognises the feel of her child's skin when blindfolded. Similarly, she can instantly identify her baby's cry.
27 Experts wonder why the US government is not taking similarly strong actions against AIDS in this country.
28 The higher the eventual rank, the more likely was blame to be similarly apportioned.
29 Empowerment increases the opportunity costs of children, prompting later marriages and increasing the divorce rate, similarly lowering fertility.
30 Shearmen, who cut the pile to finish woollen cloth, were similarly paid.
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