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Similar in a sentence

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Synonym: alikelikesameAntonym: dissimilarSimilar words: similarlysimilaritysimplyjubilantmildavailablefamilybe availableMeaning: ['sɪmɪlə(r)] adj. 1. marked by correspondence or resemblance 2. having the same or similar characteristics 3. resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination 4. (of words) expressing closely related meanings 5. capable of replacing or changing places with something else; permitting mutual substitution without loss of function or suitability. 
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1 What sets it apart from hundreds of similar small French towns is the huge factory.
2 Insurance companies are already overburdened with similar claims.
3 The findings are similar to those reported in previous studies.
4 Mary's symptom is similar to Joseph's in some way.
5 It's similar in size to a tomato.
6 Some companies have already voluntarily disclosed similar information .
7 My father and I have similar views on politics.
8 Educators try to put pupils of similar abilities into classes because they believe that this homogeneous grouping is advisable.
9 The three portraits are remarkably similar.
10 The pictures are similar, but there are subtle differences between them.
11 We have similar tastes in music.
12 This is similar to the example cited above.
13 The two approaches are basically very similar.
14 Similar sentiments were expressed by many politicians.
15 To the layman all these plants look pretty similar.
16 Blessing a new love, similar to a permanent! Congratulations on your wedding day!
17 The dog was similar in general appearance to a spaniel.
18 He despised William Pitt, notwithstanding the similar views they both held.
19 The basic design of the car is very similar to that of earlier models.
20 Different spreadsheet packages tend to be similar,( though not necessarily identical.
21 Their harmonious relationship resulted in part from their similar goals.
22 The two boys look very similar.
23 Competitors have jumped on the bandwagon and started building similar machines.
24 It's a musical instrument made of brass, somewhat like a cornet and with a similar compass.
25 People often mix us up because we look so similar.
26 The organization put me in contact with other people in a similar position .
27 All attempts by the Socialists to woo him back were spurned. Similar overtures from the right have likewise been rejected.
28 The makers of the car claim that it uses up to 50% less fuel than other similar cars.
29 We had a marvellous meal at that restaurant you recommended - incidentally, I must give you the number of a similar one I know.
30 It is a misconception to assume that the two continents are similar.
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