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Advocate in a sentence

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Synonym: defendsupportAntonym: impugnSimilar words: locatevocallocationeducatecategorydelicateindicatededicateMeaning: ['ædvəkət]  n. 1. a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea 2. a lawyer who pleads cases in court. v. 1. push for something 2. speak, plead, or argue in favour of. 
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1. He is an advocate of more airplanes and fewer warships.
2. Some economists strongly advocate the reform of government ownership of industry.
3. I don't advocate doing such things.
4. Many people advocate building more gymnasiums.
5. I felt that it was irresponsible to advocate the legalisation of drugs.
6. Many experts advocate rewarding your child for good behaviour.
7. The group does not advocate the use of violence.
8. I advocate a policy of gradual reform.
9. She's a staunch advocate of free trade.
10. He was a strong advocate of free market policies and a multi-party system.
11. Often the interviewer will need to play devil's advocate in order to get a discussion going.
12. He got the best advocate in town to defend him.
13. an advocate of strict observance of ritualistic forms.
14. They advocate a justice system that works on the principle of an eye for an eye.
15. An advocate for John could make out a case for him on this score also.
16. Heart specialists strongly advocate low-cholesterol diets.
17. She's a passionate advocate of natural childbirth.
18. It's a very emotional issue. How can you advocate selling the ivory from elephants?
19. Those who advocate doctor-assisted suicide say the terminally ill should not have to suffer.
20. He is a strident advocate of nuclear power.
21. He would play devil's advocate with anyone.
22. He is a strong advocate of reforms on the political system.
23. We advocate solving international dispute by negotiation, instead of appealing to arms.
24. He is just playing the devil's advocate with me.
25. Do you advocate banning cars in the city centre?
26. He's a strong advocate of state ownership of the railways.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. The strength of altruism lies in the fact that altruistic acts undeniably occur in any society and that moral codes universally advocate altruism or benevolence and condemn selfishness.
28. I don't really believe in capital punishment, I'm just playing the devil's advocate.
29. in the fact that altruistic acts undeniably occur in any society and that moral codes universally advocate altruism or benevolence and condemn selfishness.
30. I don't really believe all that - I was just playing devil's advocate.
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