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Sphinx in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: SphinxSimilar words: dolphinphiladelphiaphilosophicaljinxspherebiosphereblasphemyhemisphereMeaning: [sfɪŋks]  n. 1. an inscrutable person who keeps his thoughts and intentions secret 2. (Greek mythology) a riddling winged monster with a woman's head and breast on a lion's body; daughter of Typhon 3. one of a number of large stone statues with the body of a lion and the head of a man that were built by the ancient Egyptians. 
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(1) I've always found her rather sphinx - like.
(2) The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are nearby.
(3) We set off to see the Pyramids and Sphinx.
(4) The Sphinx could keep his secret, we decided.
(5) Sphinx, again, is largely true to life.
(6) I was surprised, therefore, to find three sphinx caterpillars still feeding on the ash sapling next to the cabin.
(7) Or a monstrous mysterious sphinx, aloof from all that lives.
(8) The Sphinx of Giza gazed down at the red velvet couch.
(9) It suited him to play the sphinx.
(10) Did the Sphinx give Oedipus a clue?
(11) It's as vexing as the riddle of the Sphinx.
(12) Were you there when the Pharaohs commissioned the Sphinx?
(13) I heard the Sphinx, but I did not understand.
(14) By the sphinx, you will reach seventh heaven, Sir Robert!
(15) The Majestically - holding Sphinx : A View on " My Ah Q "
(16) Sphinx Form - Transforms the Obsidian Statue into a powerful flying unit. Attacks land and air units.
(17) A wise tabby, a blinking sphinx, watched from her warm sill.
(18) That we should finally learn from this Sphinx to ask questions , too?
(19) Horsemen gallop along a paved road, slowing to offer tourists a trek to the Sphinx.
(20) On his wanderings Oedipus came to Thebes, solved the riddle of the Sphinx, and thus delivered the city.
(21) According to Greek legend, it was Oedipus who solved the riddle of the Sphinx.
(22) His sometimes enigmatic expression and behaviour were likened to that of the sphinx in cartoonists' caricatures.
(23) It drove him mad when she turned herself into a sphinx as a ruse to avoid facing the truth.
(24) Luxor, built in the shape of a pyramid, complete with a sphinx out front.
(25) Oedipus came to Thebes and solved the riddle of the Sphinx.
(26) Mrs Nina Pender was less a pseud than a sphinx.
(27) He is depicted as a supplicant to gods, or in the protective presence of the ram deity Amun, or as a sphinx himself, or in a warrior's posture. Most statues were defaced by his rivals.
(28) Atop Athena's helmet, between winged griffins, crouched an inscrutable sphinx.
(29) There is a huge statue like an ancient Egyptian sphinx, and a burial place like that of King Tutankhamen .
(30) Or perhaps an army - an army of gnomes! By the sphinx, you will reach the seventh heaven, Sir Robert!
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