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Urchin in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: scorchingchurchpurchasein the lurchchinchinaarchivistarchitectMeaning: ['ɜrtʃɪn /'ɜːt-]  n. poor and often mischievous city child. 
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1. You should sheer off the urchin.
2. You should sheer off the wicked urchin.
3. "Urchin", with its connotation of mischievousness, may not be a particularly apt word.
4. Cranston turned and flicked his fingers at the urchin.
5. An urchin showed her which tenement house was his.
6. An elf and an urchin, she had seen Holly.
7. Cassiduloid sea urchin, Pygurus costatus, Jurassic.
8. But please, hold the sea urchin.
9. Micraster is sometimes called the heart urchin, because of its distinctive shape.
10. Thousands of fertilized sea urchin eggs, starfish and blue clams returned to Earth with the astronauts.
11. Studies on sea urchin eggs seem to argue against a role for InsP 3 in fertilization.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. The RYRs identified in neurons and sea urchin eggs seem to resemble the cardiac RYR2.
13. He then shook four-cell urchin embryos apart, and produced four complete embryos.
14. Was it possible this urchin was really the repository of cataclysmic sexuality as Ewan claimed?
15. Oyster soup with sliced sea urchin is the other original Loiseau signature dish.
16. English common name: Purple sea urchin.
17. If you have is that the school urchin.
18. Add sea urchin on top of the taglierini.
19. He is a most wicked urchin.
20. Echinus: a sea urchin of the genus Echinus.
21. An urchin who had frequently seen him before, stopped to gaze.
22. But missing among the sea urchin genes are some genes found in flies and worms.
23. A name for a street urchin; from the angelic look on the faces of some urchin.
24. A dark comedy about a lowly street urchin who grows up to become the greatest fighter pilot of WWI.
25. This time around, it is young Stevie Taggart, a former street urchin, who tells the tale.
26. Injection of InsP 3 can trigger breakdown of the nuclear envelope in sea urchin embryos.
27. But such a mechanism would not explain the increase in nuclear calcium that occurs following activation of lymphocytes or sea urchin eggs.
28. She held the lapels of her little jacket and sauntered like a street urchin.
29. Underwater, a Californian sea otter carries a rock between its paws, and a sea urchin on its belly.
30. Instead, they are the result of what happens when you fuse an ancient chordate with the ancestor of a sea urchin .
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