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Inconsequential in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-01-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: inconsequentSimilar words: consequentialin consequencesequentialconsequentlyconsequenceinfluentialconfidentialitysubsequentMeaning: [‚ɪnkɑnsɪ'kwenʃl /-ɑ-]  adj. 1. lacking worth or importance 2. not following logically as a consequence. 
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1. Your objections are inconsequential and may be disregarded.
2. Most of what she said was pretty inconsequential.
3. Fines levied against corporate criminals are usually inconsequential.
4. Both stand for precisely the same inconsequential things.
5. The early conversation should be light and inconsequential.
6. These people are inconsequential,[] but they are gadflies.
7. The boost seemed somewhat inconsequential on most applications.
8. I wave a fluttery wave of inconsequential cheerfulness and close the door, having reached new heights of cynical disinterest.
9. Simplified, formula-like techniques are inconsequential when compared with personal growth as a means of overcoming difficulties.
10. Nor were they inconsequential gossip and rumor being whispered by small-town idlers on local street corners.
11. They're inconsequential swirls, all wah wah pedal and no tune.
12. Seemingly inconsequential details can sometimes contain significant clues.
13. HP infection isn't inconsequential in men.
14. The choice of the reference temperature is inconsequential.
15. We are not dismissing resource problems as inconsequential to development.
16. The uninspired prophet cut a rather lonely and ultimately inconsequential figure.
17. It is fascinating to learn how some of Kennedy's most famous compositions were inspired by seemingly inconsequential incidents.
18. The meanings and purposes they attach to this behaviour are largely inconsequential.
19. This implies that any differences between forward and futures prices will be inconsequential.
20. How did we ever come to perceive body and mind as separate, nature as dead resource[], and place as inconsequential?
21. The brief appearance of what may seem like an inconsequential maidservant may end up being the turning event of the story.
22. You may forget about this entirely, or you may spend some time exploring possibilities in a rather inconsequential way.
23. In either case, the knowledge of the universe imparted by Thales is inconsequential.
24. Some 200-plus pages of charts, tables and maps contain a wealth of information from vital data to the trivial and inconsequential.
25. But the Mirror has read a transcript of the 2year-old recording and found much of it to be inconsequential gossip.
26. Ken also played a man selling luminous leprechauns and a newspaper seller talking inconsequential nonsense to the proprietor of a coffee stall.
27. Paying later for stuff we get today seems small, almost inconsequential early on –but becomes a noose that strangles as the years wear on.
28. Consciousness cannot be excluded anymore from biophysics , although the difficulties of such an extension should not be underestimated. There are claims that inconsequential epiphenomenon.
29. His partisans argued that, as he made history come to life, his factual errors were inconsequential.
30. Burns played the bemused , tolerant observer of Allen's inconsequential ravings.
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