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Undercut in a sentence

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Similar words: under controlunderfounderundergounder wayfall undercome underunderstandMeaning: [‚ʌndə(r)kʌt]  n. 1. the material removed by a cut made underneath 2. the tender meat of the loin muscle on each side of the vertebral column 3. a notch cut in the trunk of tree in order to determine the direction of its fall 4. (sports) a stroke that puts reverse spin on the ball 5. a cut made underneath to remove material. v. 1. sell cheaper than one's competition 2. cut away material from the underside of (an object) so as to leave an overhanging portion in relief 3. cut away the underpart of 4. strike (the ball) in golf, tennis, or hockey obliquely downward so as to give a backspin or elevation to the shot 5. cut obliquely into (a tree) below the main cut and on the side toward which the tree will fall. 
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1. Online bookstores can undercut retailers by up to 30%.
2. The firm will be able to undercut its competitors whilst still making a profit.
3. We're playing a losing game by trying to undercut our competitor's prices all the time.
4. Big supermarkets can undercut all rivals, especially small high-street shops.
5. The plastic surgeon undercut the skin of her cheek.
6. Popular support would be undercut by political developments.
7. We were able to undercut our European rivals by 5%.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. They claim to undercut their competitors by at least 5%.
9. He suspected it was an attempt to undercut his authority.
10. His arguments are undercut by dubious statistics and projections.
11. These stories, if true, would greatly undercut Thomas's credibility.
12. Indeed it would seem that these paintings undercut their initial didacticism and that order is evoked primarily to bring it into question.
13. Interruptible gas supplies undercut the cost of fuel oil considerably.
14. Then he rather undercut the room's prim pity for him by roaring with laughter.
15. Yet standing-order ministers then were furious because travelers undercut them and shattered their monopolies.
16. For example, he introduced governmental policies that undercut traditional Confucian values.
17. Durham had undercut the entire theological rationale for the revival.
18. The railways undercut his price and he was forced to find many more passengers than he had at first calculated.
19. Winter storms undercut the cliff base, then wash away thousands of tonnes of slippage in a single night.
20. Even opting out of the social chapter to undercut the core on labour costs will not ultimately compensate for complete isolation.
21. Cheap timber from rainforests allowed it to undercut competitors, and so depress the global paper market.
22. If our two companies were to join forces we could undercut all our competitors.
23. He expressed disappointment in the Clinton presidency, saying Bill Clinton had undercut minorities by backing off strong affirmative-action programs.
24. Manufacturers often set different prices for their goods in different countries, but unofficial importers can undercut these prices.
25. The ability of party leaders to manipulate the nomination process had been substantially undercut, however, by party reform.
26. With many firms, the firm that expands output will always be able to reduce costs and undercut its rivals.
27. Yet when it comes to price, Euravia still endeavours to undercut the market.
28. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., announced that he would vote against repeal because it would undercut deficit reduction.
29. We do not wish to perform poorly or to undercut our objectives.
30. Taylor, who was right-handed, typically delivered his ground strokes with neither topspin nor undercut.
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