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Inapplicable in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: applicableapplicablyinexplicableapplicantapplicationsupplicationamicabledespicableMeaning: [ɪn'æplɪkəbl ,'ɪnə'p-]  adj. not capable of being applied. 
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1 The rules seem to be inapplicable to this situation.
2 The rule is inapplicable to this occasion.
3 Most of the new regulations are inapplicable to us.
4 His theory was inapplicable to many underdeveloped economies.
5 These regulations are inapplicable to international students.
6 These regulations are inapplicable to visitors from outside the European Community.
7 Further,( this principle should not be inapplicable simply because the citizen paid the money under mistake of law.
8 His model of how disease spreads is inapplicable to the AIDS epidemic.
9 It would be quite inapplicable, however, to such a supplication as the final pericope of the present group.
10 The flashpoints model is therefore inapplicable to this form of disorder and other explanations are therefore necessary.
11 Most of them were inapplicable, but there were procedures for language which might be appropriate.
12 The rule is probably inapplicable to a deliberate release of the thing, the cause of action in that situation being trespass.
13 Every positive definition is from memory and, therefore, inapplicable.
14 The rule is inapplicable to this case.
15 The principle is inapplicable to the case.
16 As a result , austenitic stainless steels are inapplicable in seawater environment.
17 For us, positional warfare is generally inapplicable in attack as well as in defence.
18 Traditional congestion control algorithm is inapplicable for small buffer high speed networks.
19 This code inapplicable to the interior decoration design for both antique buildings and timber buildings.
20 Ah, heck ! Another inapplicable designation. The staff here can't even make use of their calculators right!
21 If the injury sustained was an inherent risk of the procedure, then the doctrine will be inapplicable.
22 That he went grossly wrong in applying the standard does not mean that the standard as such was inapplicable.
23 For a given instance of a text, the values of some components are inapplicable.
24 In this case, the existing design criterion of the damping resistor will be inapplicable.
25 From the standpoint of this work, this is an extreme point of view which is inapplicable.
26 This gave rise to the need for a "null value" to represent unknown or inapplicable values in relational databases.
27 The calculation method of drainage modulus in agricultural diked area is inapplicable in urban diked area.
28 Once multiple scattering becomes invoved simple formulae such as those just given are inapplicable.
29 No discount Items: drinks, seafood, special dishes discount rate inapplicable in addition to in - store promotions.
30 Returns a valid measure in a virtual cube by forcing inapplicable dimensions to their top level.
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