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Pliable in a sentence

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Synonym: compliantelasticflexiblelimberplasticsuggestiblesuppleyieldingAntonym: rigidSimilar words: liablereliablereliablyviableamiablesociablevariablepitiableMeaning: ['plaɪəbl]  adj. 1. susceptible to being led or directed 2. capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out 3. able to adjust readily to different conditions 4. capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking. 
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1. Some kinds of plastic become pliable if they're heated.
2. He'd always thought of her as pliable.
3. Senior officials would have preferred a more pliable government.
4. He wanted a sweet, pliable, obedient wife.
5. The plant has long pliable stems.
6. It's what makes your hair bouncy and pliable.
7. Cane is pliable when wet.
8. High quality leather is firm yet pliable.
9. It has tender meat and soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin. 5.
10. Replacing him with some one more pliable would be a controversial decision for any government.
11. The fresh pupa, having cast off its pliable caterpillar skin, had hardened and become black-brown.
12. All of the larvae are pliable, however; none is frozen solid.
13. Important legal concepts are pliable moulds, into which different creations can be poured.
14. He felt the Judge's icy fingers and the pliable rope against his neck.
15. The system helps make workers more pliable to the demands made by management.
16. Instead, I was a pliable, compliant inhabitant of a world of vague feelings and limited comprehension.
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17. Slowly and carefully he made the thick, pliable rope into a noose.
18. It's what makes your hair bouncy and pliable. Dry hair is hair which lacks moisture rather than hair which lacks oil.
19. It has tender flesh; smooth-textured, soft, and pliable skin; and a somewhat flexible breastbone cartilage. 3.
20. It has tender meat; soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin; and flexible breastbone cartilage. 3.
21. The drain should be soft and pliable.
22. Like sapling trees, small children are very pliable.
23. These tubes are lightweight, soft and pliable.
24. As your baby grows bigger, his bones become less pliable.
25. I had so much hair and it was so heavy and pliable that I wore it in the most intricate ways.
26. The physiotherapist usually starts by mobilizing the shoulder girdle, moving it passively in all directions, to make it perfectly pliable.
27. The clay should be moistened regularly to keep it soft and pliable.
28. It might be merely that they were too used to inflexible fact and far too unused to pliable people.
29. Typical veal has lean of grayish pink color and smooth, velvety texture; the fat is soft and pliable.
30. Serpentine layering Climbers such as clematis, jasmine, wisteria and honeysuckle root wherever their long pliable stems touch the soil.
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