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Complication in a sentence

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Antonym: simplificationSimilar words: implicationapplicationsupplicationsimplificationcomplicatedpublicationimplicateimplicatedMeaning: [‚kɒmplɪ'keɪʃn]  n. 1. the act or process of complicating 2. a situation or condition that is complex or confused 3. any disease or disorder that occurs during the course of (or because of) another disease 4. a development that complicates a situation 5. puzzling complexity. 
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1) The age difference was a complication to the rela-tionship.
2) Another complication was the excess of imports over exports.
3) I have enough complication in my life without having to look after your sick pets!
4) This was an unforeseen complication.
5) Blindness is a common complication of diabetes.
6) A further complication was Fred's refusal to travel by air.
7) An added complication is the growing concern for the environment.
8) The bad weather added a further complication to our journey.
9) In software engineering, the degree of complication of a system or system component, determined by such factors as the number and intricacy of interfaces, the number and intricacy of conditional branches, the degree of nesting, the types of data structures,[] and other system characteristics.
10) There had been one other complication.
11) We therefore investigated the causes of this complication.
12) This, however, causes a major complication.
13) William Dall illustrates a further complication - inconsistent spelling.
14) A further complication in the interpretation of regolith thickness is climatic change.
15) The potential complication impairment of growth in Crohn's disease is unique to pediatric patients.
16) The only differences lie in the detail and complication in the two cases.
17) It should be stressed that this complication is rare,( and only a minority of cases go on to develop long-term problems.
18) In chronic renal failure, hypercalcemia is a common complication in dialysis patients.
19) All of the patients in the late complication group has an insitu gall bladder.
20) Should this particular complication occur after creation of a successful shunt, it can be improved as described for patient 6.
21) There remains one further complication, greater than all the rest.
22) The fact that the plane was late added a further complication to our journey.
23) The presence of an armed gang added a major complication.
24) The car ran out of petrol, and as a further complication I had no money!
25) Surgeons, however, have used metallic implants such as clips and automatic sutures for a long time without any such complication reported.
26) Haemorrhage is usually immediate but it can occasionally be a late complication.
27) It would, to say the least, have added a further complication to the problems of 1940.
28) This distinction between singular and plural, properly considered, raises a further substantial complication.
29) Contrary to the Purchaser's earlier argument therefore the indemnity basis does not simplify matters; it brings an additional complication.
30) Half a century later, when vinyl discs became the norm, there was another complication.
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