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Gravitate in a sentence

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Synonym: inclineleantendSimilar words: gravitationalgravitasgravitydepravityengravinginvitationlevitationaggravateMeaning: ['grævɪteɪt]  v. 1. move toward 2. be attracted to 3. move due to the pull of gravitation. 
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1. Most visitors to New York gravitate to Times Square.
2. Artists gravitate toward one another.
3. Most visitors to London gravitate to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.
4. If you all gravitate to one side, you'll upset the boat.
5. Many young people gravitate to the cities in search of work.
6. Gradually, however, he begins to gravitate towards Paul's position.
7. The people I gravitate to are dreamers.
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. Each pair in fact began to gravitate to opposite poles within the horizon which Dialectical Theology had opened up.
9. You know how a dog will instantly gravitate to the person in the room who fears him the most?
10. The child may automatically gravitate towards one parent, may touch and climb on one and not the other.
11. I feel stock returns will eventually gravitate to their historic norms of 10. 5 percent annually since 1925.
12. The child may gravitate to the parent that is easier to manipulate or try to play one parent off against the other.
13. What more natural than that he should gravitate towards the Communist Party?
14. Boys gravitate towards girls at that age.
15. Let your soul gravitate, to the love!
16. The stars gravitate towards each other.
17. In summer people gravitate to the seaside.
18. Children gravitate toward home at dusk.
19. The spinners gravitate most readily towards the television networks and the most important American newspapers.
20. See how the color wands gravitate towards the bottom right corner?
21. Some players just gravitate towards certain mechanics and find others bland or frustrating.
22. Don't gravitate to one side, or the boat will upset.
23. But he is also respected by groups that tend to gravitate toward the Democratic Party.
24. On occasions such as this, Dorothea Gilberd tended to gravitate towards Tom Tedder.
25. In the long run the economy will tend to gravitate towards a position of Walrasian equilibrium.
26. It is possible, of course, that some people with social and psychological problems gravitate towards the inner cities.
27. Funnily enough, whenever he does this all the really interesting people in the room seem to gravitate to his chair.
28. There was always plenty to drink, and eventually the two would gravitate toward each other and dance very close.
29. Anyone looking for a dynamic doer who run the show will gravitate to your side.
30. You are not an iconoclast but you do become bored with dry, repetitive studies and you gravitate to areas that are stimulating and require fast responsiveness to changing circumstances.
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