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Flexor in a sentence

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Sentence count:58Posted:2017-01-10Updated:2017-01-10
Similar words: exorcismexorbitantinexorableinexorablyexorbitantlyflexibleflexibilityperplexMeaning: ['fleksə(r)]  n. a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint. 
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1) Low motor tone involves greater flexor tendencies.
2) Periodic alternating activation of flexors and extensors is achieved by reciprocal inhibition mediated by inhibitory collateral neurones.
3) She had symmetric reflexes and flexor plantar responses.
4) Objective: To prevent adhesion after tenorrhaphy of flexor tendons.
5) Paretic in, enjoin limb knees hip flexor.
6) Second, did imitate on the biomechanical properties of flexor injured after anastomosis with two modes.
7) You heard the sound of my flexor tendons as I squeezed the trigger.
8) Conclusion:The method for treating stenosing tenovaginitis of flexor digitorum with hook needle knife has advantages of definite effects, micro invasion and safety.
9) Pine of long flexor tendinous adhesion understands art, 12 routine!
10) Objective To analyse the results of flexor carpi ulnaris ( FCU ) transfer for restoration of elbow flexion.
11) Hip flexor strength is directly relevant to a range of activities in football.
12) Objective To explore the effective methods of repairing flexor tendon coloboma and preventing tendon adhesion.
13) Conclusion:Ulnar or radial flexor muscle of wrist transfer to reconstruct supination function of forearm all can achieve good function recovery.
14) She may appear stiff and perhaps awkward. Low motor tone involves greater flexor tendencies.
15) Anterior transfer and strengthening of posterior tibial tendon were performed in 4 cases, spring ligament reefing in 2 cases,[] flexor digitorum longus tendon transfer in 4 cases.
16) Objective To provide anatomical basis for clinical application by studying intramuscular nerve branches , muscle architectural features of human flexor carpi radialis.
17) After severance of transverse carpal ligament and synovectomy of flexor tendons in the carpal tunnel, the outcomes were satisfactory in all the 36 cases.
18) Conclusion: The therapy of small needle knife can treat stenosing tenovaginitis of flexor digitorum. The operation is simple and the curative effect is precise.
19) Therefore, as applied in this model, basic fibroblast growth factor is not recommended for intrasynovial flexor tendon repair.
20) Reports of the results in preventing adhesion and rupture have demonstrated the advantage of controlled mobilization splint used following flexor tendon repair in no-man's-land.
21) Results: The average width of the fibular surfaces decreased gradually from peroneal surface, flexor surface, tibialis posterior surface to extensor surface in order.
22) Objective To observe the treatment efficacy of trigger point injection and knife-needle for constrictive flexor digitorum tenosynovitis.
23) Objective To discuss the therapeutic effectiveness of intrathecal injection plus needle and scalpel on strictured tenosynovitis of finger flexor tendon.
24) The injection site was various muscle group of upper limb flexor muscle, also had the pure injection on forearm muscle group.
25) The mechanism of injury is usually related to severe dorsiflexion associated with a torn flexor retinaculum , allowing the tendon to slide out of its groove.
26) In the forearm, the ulnar artery passed deep to the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle.
27) It damaged all the soft tissue arosed from fractures medially and laterally, included adductor hallucis, quadratus plantae, flexor digitorum brevis and abductor digiti minimi as well.
28) The muscular branches of the arteria tibialis posterior mainly distribute to the muscle flexor digitorum longus, and muscle soleus.
29) Objective To observe the effect of gold foil in prevention of flexor tendon adhesion.
30) Objective To explore the effective method for prevention of flexor tendon adhesion.
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