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Fragmentation in a sentence

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Sentence count:163Posted:2017-02-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: fragmentlamentationargumentationimplementationproportional representationindentationorientationpresentationMeaning: [‚frægmen'teɪʃn ,-mən-]  n. 1. separating something into fine particles 2. the disintegration of social norms governing behavior and thought and social relationships 3. (computer science) the condition of a file that is broken up and stored in many different locations on a magnetic disk 4. the scattering of bomb fragments after the bomb explodes. 
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(1) The fragmentation of the separation, this is you want to end.
(2) It was partly the fragmentation of the opposition which helped to get the Republicans re-elected.
(3) A fragmentation bomb is one that explodes into small pieces.
(4) We can't accept the fragmentation or balkanization of the country.
(5) Road fragmentation kills vulnerable species, e.g. barn owls.
(6) This objectification and fragmentation received criticism at the time.
(7) Fragmentation is rampant in the entertainment business.
(8) The fragmentation of politics has made it extraordinarily difficult to bring a coordinated attack on overall questions about the system.
(9) These are the experiences of monotony, fragmentation and excessive pace in work and social interaction patterns.
(10) Yet the fragmentation of the Church makes it exceedingly difficult to implement anything like normal management practice.
(11) Winship's essay also draws attention to the increasing fragmentation of the body within recent commercial photography.
(12) The testimony of Venus is that aerial fragmentation of projectiles is extremely important.
(13) It tended towards the fragmentation of knowledge, the learning of facts divorced from their meaning.
(14) The problem of fragmentation continues to hinder progress in most development work in the bantustans.
(15) Any apparent fragmentation is a ruling class stratagem designed to divide exploited classes which develop revolutionary or reformist consciousness.
(16) Catastrophic fragmentation Catastrophic fragmentation is a likely means of producing an atmospheric explosion of a bolide.
(17) Further, fragmentation is encouraged in many states by the relative transience of the political authority compared with the permanent state administration.
(18) With so much change and fragmentation in the new career world, you need a solid core of self.
(19) Fragmentation is a problem because the vast majority of EFL schools are very small.
(20) Fragmentation depends on factors such as the nature of political representation.
(21) What was gained in fusion was a sense of wholeness more pleasurable than the feelings of fragmentation that preceded it.
(22) I also learnt of untoward knock on effects and serious concerns about fragmentation and dis-enfranchisement.
(23) There is no system of health care delivery that has not been adversely affected by this fragmentation of people and their services.
(24) The following month 14 fans were injured when Feyenoord fans threw fragmentation bombs at Ajax supporters at a game in Amsterdam.
(25) The longest-lasting is the struggle for the working class to constitute itself as a class, to overcome its internal fragmentation.
(26) Ultrasound was used for localisation of the stones, constant monitoring of fragmentation and refocusing of the larger fragments during lithotripsy.
(27) Globalization is the overarching process, linked in different ways to both integration and fragmentation.
(28) This situation persists today, though strong movements towards interdisciplinary research help to avoid total fragmentation of scientific understanding.
(29) The cometary events responsible for these multiple episodes of fragmentation are clearly important to the terrestrial planets.
(30) The dream of the unified global village has given way to the reality of global fragmentation and diversity.
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