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Reflection in a sentence

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Synonym: contemplationexpressionmanifestationmirror imagemusingobservationreflectivityreflexionruminationthoughtfulnessSimilar words: electionselectioncollectionsectioninfectionobjectionconnectioninspectionMeaning: [rɪ'flekʃn]  n. 1. a calm lengthy intent consideration 2. the phenomenon of a propagating wave (light or sound) being thrown back from a surface 3. expression without words 4. the image of something as reflected by a mirror (or other reflective material) 5. a likeness in which left and right are reversed 6. (mathematics) a transformation in which the direction of one axis is reversed 7. a remark expressing careful consideration 8. the ability to reflect beams or rays. 
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(1) To read without reflection is like eating without digestion. 
(2) She was looking at her reflection in the mirror.
(3) She grimaced at her reflection in the mirror.
(4) This is a reflection of their frailty.
(5) This matter is a reflection on me.
(6) Can you see your reflection in the glass?
(7) She was studying her reflection in the mirror.
(8) Meg stared at her reflection in the bedroom mirror.
(9) Your clothes are often a reflection of your personality.
(10) Your clothes are a reflection of your personality.
(11) I reversed the entire world,only put your reflection right.
(12) His dark looks are a reflection of his.
(13) He caught sight of her reflection in the window.
(14) The reflection of the sun on the glass wall was blinding.
(15) The increase in crime is a sad reflection on our society today.
(16) The outer world you see is a reflection of your inner self.
(17) She could see her reflection in the water, shimmering in the moonlight.
(18) The film is a reflection of the violence that pervades American culture.
(19) After a minute's reflection, he answered.
(20) This mess is a reflection on her competence.
(21) He admired his reflection in the mirror.
(22) A moment's reflection will show you are wrong.
(23) This mess is a poor reflection on his competence.
(24) Counselling should encourage reflection on the past.
(25) I saw my reflection in the polished marble.
(26) The reflection of the pagoda comes and goes.
(27) After days of reflection she decided to write back.
(28) I subvert the whole world just to straighten your reflection.
(29) I subvert the entire world, only to straighten out your reflection.
(30) Graduation is a time for rejoining and is also a time for reflection.You will be going out into the world to make a career for yourself.Wish you well in all your understandings and hope that you will find your career a source of great joy and happiness.
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