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Argumentative in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2017-01-11Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: argumentationargumenttentativetentativelyrepresentativeimplementationdocumentaryvegetativeMeaning: [‚ɑːgjʊ'mentətɪv]  adj. given to or characterized by argument. 
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1) You're in an argumentative mood today!
2) Everyone in the family was argumentative.
3) He quickly becomes argumentative after a few drinks.
4) Don't be so argumentative.
5) Stubborn, proud,( and often stiff-necked and argumentative.
6) Quarrels of the argumentative type increased with age.
7) There is a change in the sense that argumentative qualifications may be discovered, as implicit qualifications are made explicit.
8) His argumentative gifts as a popular orator attracted crowds willing to pay a penny or two to hear him.
9) He, however, is becoming increasingly petulant and argumentative, playing scrum-half like a thwarted 15-year-old on the netball court.
10) But a stubborn, argumentative child may try to draw you into too many debates as you try to establish a connection.
11) A rhetorical approach would point directly at the argumentative nature of racist discourse.
12) She's quite opinionated and very argumentative.
13) He is always the most argumentative of the class.
14) This is an argumentative energy.
15) This is an argumentative advanced English essay topic.
16) The visiting historian was disposed to be argumentative.
17) How to write an argumentative essay.
18) These elements are mainly distributed in the argumentative or lyric writings, while the narrative writings are completely made up of unparallel sentences.
19) To understand a text, especially a political text, it is necessary to understand its argumentative context.
20) The research team has generated a framework for analysing argumentative talk which discriminates between types of argumentation.
21) First, there is the general point that political discourse must be understood in its argumentative context.
22) Under changed circumstances, implicit themes, both justificatory and critical, could be jerked into argumentative explicitness.
23) When I've had a few drinks I get a little argumentative.
24) Going on holiday with Ian had been a rude shock -- he'd been argumentative, mean and not at all what she'd expected.
25) He was clever, but disinclined to distinguish himself in study, athletic but lazy, honest but argumentative.
26) Care should be taken when dealing with loved ones as a rift could form if you are too argumentative.
27) All this suggests that it is necessary to understand the argumentative context and structure of the extreme right's rhetoric about conspiracy.
28) It can help decipher the messages of propagandists, who seek to mislead by covering up their own argumentative contexts.
29) For once in her life, she was lost for words, and uncertain of her argumentative ground.
30) Great chess players have a reputation for being both eccentric and argumentative.
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