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Wiggle in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2016-10-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fidgetjerksquirmtwisttwitchwrigglewritheSimilar words: struggle forstruggle againstbiggertriggeranglesinglejunglesingle outMeaning: ['wɪgl]  n. the act of wiggling. v. move to and fro. 
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1. Her hips wiggle as she walks.
2. Your baby will try to shuffle or wiggle along the floor.
3. With a wiggle of her hips, she pulled up the trousers.
4. Then wiggle the finger and thumb joints.Sentence dictionary
5. Can you wiggle your ears?
6. Their tails wiggle furiously like suckling piglets in their effort to hold against a current many times bigger than them.
7. Marilyn Monroe was able to wiggle her hips in a way that drove men wild.
8. However, if you wiggle the mirror as the fly passes, the fly wiggles too.
9. I took a few minutes to wiggle out of my pantyhose and hunch into my long pants.
10. I haven't left myself much wiggle room , either.
11. She gave a sexy wiggle.
12. Her toes gave a wiggle.
13. The request left some wiggle room for future restructuring.
14. Get a wiggle on, or you will be late.
15. Wiggle your finger if you feel anything.
16. I have absolutely no wiggle room on this.
17. Wombat wanted to wiggle along the ground.
18. Better get a wiggle on or we'll be late.
19. Ambiguous wording leaves some wiggle room for further negotiation.
20. He has gone wiggle - waggle and cannot be persuaded to categorical.
21. Hey, you guys! Get a wiggle on! We gotta finish before nightfall.
22. Electrons can jiggle and wiggle in a more energetic manner.
23. Glue on wiggle, button or pompom eyes and a felt nose, and glue on buttons vertically down the front.
24. As she woke up she was encouraged to move around in bed and wiggle her toes.
25. Certainly, the new proposals leave national regulators plenty of room to wiggle.
26. He managed to free himself only when an ambulance team talked him into trying to wiggle his fingers.
27. Insert a smooth curved table knife handle in your vagina - and wiggle it with one hand while stimulating your clit with the other.
28. There were three film cooling schemes used, namely, slot, discrete - hole and wiggle - strip.
29. Just one last time on the marriage thing. There's no wiggle room? None at all?
30. It's little more than a fancy small-scale version of a Scientology e-meter, a gadget that picks up on noise in the environment and makes a needle on a dial wiggle.
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