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Cacophony in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2016-10-25Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: euphonySimilar words: phoneacrophobiatelephonemobile phoneefficacylaconicpeacockcopMeaning: [-nɪ]  n. 1. a loud harsh or strident noise 2. loud confusing disagreeable sounds. 
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1) All around was bubbling a cacophony of voices.
2) It is a cacophony of caprice and color.
3) On passing under the building a cacophony of kettle drums and trumpets would once have announced the arrival of any important visitor.
4) He passed his life in a cacophony of amusement at the quaintness of the human race.
5) The gasps of shock built into a cacophony of questions.
6) The seals added to the cacophony as they barked and honked in alarm to their pups and one another.
7) Half of the record aspired towards the cacophony of grinding rock and the other half was still emphasising their pop flair.
8) And neither did the cacophony of exasperated hoots which was soaring to a crescendo.
9) A cacophony of violins,( clarinets and trumpets fills the air.
10) A cacophony of voices in a dozen languages filled the train station.
11) Imagine the cacophony, the confusion-this must have been one crazed country back then.
12) Motorcycles whiz through winding streets, adding to a cacophony of rumbling truck motors and screaming vendors.
13) Nature's symphonic world was drowned by man's industrial cacophony.
14) People's screams a cacophony at times.
15) Our meal came,( and the cacophony continued.
16) No cell could function amid the cacophony.
17) The drivers behind him honked, and the cacophony grew louder.
18) From its cacophony of sound, the room has suddenly become very still.
19) That tale began with the cacophony of reveille for the prisoners, "sounded by the blows of a hammer on a length of rail" through windows coated in frost two fingers thick.
20) As we entered the farmyard we were met with a cacophony of animal sounds.
21) She could have screamed and the sound would have been accepted as part of the cacophony.
22) The moderator for this meeting Eric Hughes, tries to quiet the cacophony of loud, opinionated voices.
23) Several hundred thousand newly arrived cars and trucks have turned Tirana into a cacophony of novice drivers, congestion and accidents.
24) But reservations such as his were drowned out in the widespread cacophony of support-including from throughout the academic community.
25) The melancholy was as asphyxiating as the soundtrack offence with its cacophony of four-letter obscenities.
26) Throughout these long, agonizing months, their lives are accompanied by the unending cacophony of my screaming.
27) Perhaps harmonies such as these could form a suitable accompaniment to a horror film, but normally one would avoid such cacophony.
28) In the darkness there is an almighty salvo of machine gun fire, like a cacophony of cracking whips.
29) Sometimes they pipe out a medley, filling the woods with a cacophony of avian lechery.
30) Their excited babble and their laughter carried far - the cacophony that ruined many a good hunt.
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