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Ghetto in a sentence

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Similar words: get togetherget the better ofwhetherpatheticall the timeaestheticrhetoricby the timeMeaning: ['getəʊ]  n. 1. formerly the restricted quarter of many European cities in which Jews were required to live 2. any segregated mode of living or working that results from bias or stereotyping 3. a poor densely populated city district occupied by a minority ethnic group linked together by economic hardship and social restrictions. 
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1. Three-fourths of the apartments in the ghetto had no heat.
2. His office marked the edge of the executive ghetto.
3. In proportion to their numbers young ghetto males commit seven times more homicides and 30 percent more suicides than young white males.
4. Angleside is the black ghetto of Rummidge, where youth unemployment is eighty percent and rioting endemic.
5. No, I was a sort of insane ghetto personality who got off on the written word, and went berserk.
6. Martha was planning to break out of the ghetto of poetry.
7. Anytime they had a disturbance in the ghetto he would call me.
8. I was frustrated by my ghetto, sickened by my reputation.
9. Nearly all teenaged girls in the ghetto know-and many of them celebrate-this day of emancipation.
10. The movie shows the stark realities of life in the ghetto.
11. He tended to stick to the relative safety of San Francisco's gay ghetto.
12. The south coast of Spain has become something of a tourist ghetto.
13. In Sanchersville, she opened a storefront law office perforating the heart of the ghetto.
14. What a sheltered life she leads, in her self-built lavender ghetto.
15. And desire and dedication are easier to come by when the alternative is a one-way ticket back to the ghetto.
16. To hear the politicians tell it, life in the ghetto was a whirl of passion, welfare checks, and liquor.
17. I once lived for three months in a North Philadelphia ghetto.
18. The Dan Ryan, for instance, was shifted several blocks during the planning stage to make one of the ghetto walls.
19. Failure to improve the condition of the remaining housing stock has also played an important part in the rise of ghetto conditions.
20. Fortunately, Herbert 92X had shot a good man, a poor man, a family man from the ghetto.
21. When we decide to do so, we can emancipate the black child from the ghetto and render justice in the workplace.
22. For poor blacks, without money to move, living in an inner-city ghetto can mean days without seeing a white face.
23. Detailed statistics are not available for the inner city itself, but overall black totals are heavily influenced by ghetto conditions.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. The High Synagogue now houses a textile museum and you may buy tickets here for all the museums in the ghetto.
25. This strikes me as just as arrogant and insular as would be a judgment pronounced on a ghetto kid.
26. A study of women writers can easily lose sight of broader literary relations, and inadvertently consign its subjects to a ghetto.
27. A job program that provides genuinely equal opportunities for ghetto boys and girls will only reinforce the girls' economic edge.
28. The girls' typing desks were pushed together into a fortified ghetto behind the stacked boxes.
29. We all lined up as Dave Misson placed a ghetto blaster on the grass.
30. A further cause of marginalising such programmes is the problem of ghetto hours.
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