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Gregarious in a sentence

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Similar words: variousnefariousprecariousregardas regardsregardingin regard toregardlessMeaning: [grɪ'gerɪəs /-'geər-]  adj. 1. (of animals) tending to form a group with others of the same species 2. instinctively or temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others 3. (of plants) growing in groups that are close together. 
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1. She is such a gregarious and outgoing person.
2. Snow geese are very gregarious birds.
3. Emma's a gregarious, outgoing sort of person.
4. They are gregarious birds and feed in flocks.
5. Bert is a voluble, gregarious man.
6. Holmes was gregarious, a great wit, a man of wide interests.
7. These animals are highly gregarious.
8. Away from the territories the birds remain gregarious.
9. Dolphins were happy, gregarious surface dwellers.
10. He was warm, gregarious, crotchety, and humorous.
11. Now, I was a moderately gregarious fellow.
12. Kim is gregarious and fun-loving.
13. A gregarious single woman in her mid-thirties, she came to me feeling atrophied in her position with a major insurance company.
14. Polo is a team game, hunting is a gregarious activity, and he uses it as such.
15. Grain- and seed-eaters of grassland and savannah were gregarious and tended to breed in colonies.
16. He throws gregarious comments at will into his customers' conversations, in between serving drinks.
17. Colleagues call the former Democratic deputy whip gregarious and determined; he is a leading figure in the Latino world.
18. More gregarious than most falcons and social breeding, as many as 50 birds sometimes hunting together.
19. Highly gregarious, and collectively noisy, they fly fast and direct, but often with rather laboured wing-beats and in V-formation.
20. He had been a gregarious collegian[], intrepid traveler and vigorous outdoorsman.
21. Gregarious; large flocks make remarkable roaring sound on surface of water when disturbed by birds of prey.
22. Gregarious, erudite and energetic, Brezzo could never be accused of thinking in small, ordinary ways.
23. Gregarious, flocks often hawking for flying insects and spiralling up to perform aerobatics.
24. The gregarious, silver-haired Dodd has himself been pleasantly surprised by his year-and-a-bit as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
25. The tadpoles of some spadefoot toads are gregarious and form large moving shoals.
26. Americans are sociable and
27. Would I be able to shift gears and be a gregarious host?
28. She can be as engaging at public events as her gregarious husband.
29. Rabbits are lively at nightfall, and when evening rain drives them underground they still feel gregarious.
30. McLaren keeps his own counsel, being as reticent as Ferguson is gregarious.
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