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Comprehend in a sentence

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Sentence count:178+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-04Updated:2017-02-04
Synonym: containcoverincludeknowrealizeunderstandSimilar words: comprehensioncomprehensivecomprehensibleincomprehensibleapprehendapprehendedprehensileapprehensiveMeaning: [‚kɒmprɪ'hend]  v. 1. get the meaning of something 2. to become aware of through the senses 3. include in scope; include as part of something broader; have as one's sphere or territory. 
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(1) She cannot comprehend the extent of the disaster.
(2) I fail to comprehend their attitude.
(3) She failed to comprehend the seriousness of the situation.
(4) I just cannot comprehend your attitude.
(5) The child read the story but did not comprehend its meaning.
(6) It was impossible to comprehend the full scale of the disaster.
(7) I did not comprehend his meaning.
(8) I did not fully comprehend what had happened.
(9) Whenever she failed to comprehend she invariably laughed.
(10) I cannot comprehend how you could have been so stupid.
(11) The judge said that it was difficult to comprehend why the police acted so in this matter.
(12) It is difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of the suffering caused by the war.
(13) It may be hard to comprehend how much this gift means for my country.
(14) She could not comprehend how someone would risk people's lives in that way.
(15) It is difficult to comprehend how far away the stars are.
(16) The dream is easy to describe, difficult to comprehend.
(17) Mungo stood panting over the body, unable to comprehend.
(18) Even scientists do not comprehend these phenomena.
(19) If not[], does it fully comprehend the awful consequences?
(20) The 20-page text makes a valiant attempt to comprehend wildfowl biology.
(21) People did not comprehend what was happening, and there was genuine confusion over how to respond.
(22) We don't really comprehend how rigorous the training in the guild system was.
(23) One way we tried to comprehend the Holocaust was by developing certain misapprehensions about it.
(24) They can neither read nor write, nor can they comprehend such concepts.
(25) The aim of the course is to help students to comprehend the structure of contemporary political and social systems.
(26) He stood staring at the dead body, unable to comprehend.
(27) The infinite distances of space are too great for the human mind to comprehend.
(28) Suppose indeed that we were hedged in by limitations of comprehension we could not comprehend?
(29) A proper engineering drawing can not be thus fudged; like Wolf, the draughtsman must fully comprehend what he is drawing.
(30) But if I know not even the tail of this whale, how comprehend his face, when face he has none?
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