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Improper in a sentence

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Synonym: badinappropriateincorrectindecentunbecomingunfitunsuitablewrongAntonym: properSimilar words: improvedpropertyproperlyimpressimpressionimpressiveEuropeancompromiseMeaning: [ɪm'prɑpə(r) /-'prɒp-] adj. 1. not suitable or right or appropriate 2. not conforming to legality, moral law, or social convention 3. not appropriate for a purpose or occasion. 
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1) 25 officers were investigated following allegations of improper conduct during the murder inquiry.
2) There was nothing improper about our relationship .
3) He realised that it was improper for a police officer to accept gifts.
4) It was improper of the broker to withhold the information from the stock exchange.
5) The governor has denied making improper use of state money.
6) Laughing and joking are considered improper behaviour at a funeral.
7) Is it considered improper to wear such a short skirt to a formal occasion?
8) He would never be improper, he is always the perfect gentleman.
9) I trust you're not making improper suggestions to my husband!
10) She thought it quite improper for a woman to ride a motorbike.
11) Sports clothes are improper for wearing in church.
12) It's considered improper to be unclothed in public.
13) It would be improper of me to comment before the election outcome is known.
14) It would be improper to comment at this stage.
15) She thought my mirth improper.
16) 11/8 is an improper fraction,[] equivalent to one and three-eighths.
17) They were scandalized by his improper behaviour.
18) The improper use of medicine could lead to severe adverse reactions.
19) Improper drainage of liquid waste from espresso machine.
20) Arbitrariness, malice, or bias are examples of improper considerations.
21) Carlson said he has not made improper remarks to women and is not a racist.
22) Scan the document looking for, and correcting, improper page breaks. 5. Print the document. 6.
23) It was thought improper for elderly women to wear bright clothes.
24) An improper and dominant motive would have to be shown for revealing matters which would normally be in the public interest.
25) The committee concluded that the senators had engaged in improper conduct.
26) Doctor Rivers was charged with gross negligence, unprofessional conduct and improper use of dangerous drugs.
27) Election officials maintain clerical errors accounted for most of those improper votes.
28) But the Treasury issued a counter-statement saying that nothing improper had been asked of civil servants by ministers.
29) The Embassy reacted swiftly to the disclosure, which they regarded as an improper use of Mr Lader's name.
30) It was a mistake, not an effort to seek improper financial gain.
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