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Reverberant in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ringingSimilar words: reverberateexuberantever and anonseveranceperseveranceoverbearingover and over againrevereMeaning: [rɪ'vɜrbrənt /-'vɜːb-]  adj. having a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected. 
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1. the reverberant booms of cannon.
2. Large halls ideal for music can be too reverberant for the spoken word.
3. Engineering methods for small, movable sources in reverberant fields.
4. The early basilican churches were highly reverberant, even with open windows, and the pace and form of church music had to adjust to the architecture to be understood.
5. Not only expected useful signals, butbackground noise, room reverberant and far-end echoes are included in acquiredsignals.
6. Recognizing speech in noisy, reverberant environments is more difficult for old listeners than for young listeners.
7. Some of the most reverberant recent studies were performed at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.
8. For a second, the room is the reverberant sound of cry.
9. This results in exceptional speech articulation even in reverberant spaces with poor acoustics.
10. To strike so as to produce a loud, reverberant noise.
11. The compositions were appropriate for the large reverberant cathedrals under construction.
12. With reverberant sounds in the open air, countless people would focus on the few lights being carried away by something on the big curtain cloth.
13. And a discrete gift it is too; either an organism has a reverberant feedback system, or it doesn't.
14. A line source is a line of equidistant drivers: the earliest products in this configuration date from the 1950s and were used to increase speech intelligibility in reverberant environments.
15. The acoustic image is better balanced and more natural sounding across both direct and reverberant fields.
16. A method of predicting the flight outer sound field according to flight accelerate auto-power spectrum by means of reverberant acoustic test, and an example, are given.
17. But the graceful transition between the old and the new reached its climax as a special committee, amid repeated and reverberant cheers, escorted Mr Eisenhower and Mr Nixon to the platform.
18. Even with a simple monodic line, the blending of sounds from chants in these reverberant spaces is hauntingly beautiful.
19. A robust method based on linear regression for speech signal time delay estimation is presented and it is proved better performance than GCC method through experiment in the reverberant rooms.
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20. In Europe, prehistoric tribes sought shelter in caves and later constructed increasingly large and reverberant temples and churches.
21. They are an alternative to physically variable acoustics, where acoustic properties are changed by retractable curtains and doors opening to reverberant chambers, etc.
22. How listeners are able to detect and identify individual sound sources in noisy, reverberant environments is one of the most intriguing questions in auditory perception.
23. On analysis, it is explained that the efcct of air, solid and reverberant noise within the cab on the car noise is illustrated in detail.
24. The answer is simple if you consider the real situation of a sound source within a reverberant space.
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