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Bellicose in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-02-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: battlefulcombativeSimilar words: rebelliousbelligerenthelicoptertorticollisbellpublic opinionantebellumidyllicMeaning: ['belɪkəʊs]  adj. having or showing a ready disposition to fight. 
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1. He expressed alarm about the government's increasingly bellicose statements.
2. The general made some bellicose statements about his country's military strength.
3. The bellicose termite belongs to a group that uses a different digestive method.
4. The emergence of bellicose private security forces enforcing order at these parties is an allied worry.
5. They were belligerent, they were bellicose, they were snotty, they were downright rude.
6. His bellicose disposition alienated his friend.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. Another is lofty, bellicose fellow, weight 200 pounds.
8. The military parade was a display of bellicose nationalism.
9. China, of course, insists it has bellicose intentions.
10. Bellicose: Warlike in manner or temperament; pugnacious.
11. The Chinese are being very bellicose about this.
12. The animal was studying him with bellicose curiosity.
13. Some irresponsible politicians made a bellicose remarks.
14. Less bellicose but equally specific definitions are now in force in Britain.
15. A bellicose humanoid species with some superficial properties both aquatic and arachnid , the Aqualish of Ando can be found the galaxy over.
16. The President is congenitally allergic to the bellicose language Presidents typically employ to summon the dogs of war.
17. The result of being bellicose is that all your previous efforts become wasted.
18. The bellicose Pantoran Chairman, Chi Cho[], refused to believe the Talz had any claim on Orto Plutonia.
19. It's by cultivating one bellicose identity that violence is often fostered.
20. So when the shivering fit is over I write my bellicose article and no one would guess that I ever hesitated.
21. A large man in every way, he was tall and big-bellied; bellicose when fondest, hearty when not.
22. It is on the underside of this plate that the bellicose termite constructs its most spectacular architectural invention.
23. They are not practical instruments of warfare, though they genuinely reflect the factious bellicose tendencies of their builders.
24. Predictably, North Korea has responded to the UN resolution by firing off another round of bellicose threats. Searches of its vessels will provoke military retaliation, the regime says.
25. I remind myself that the war in Iraq started with bellicose posturing and photographs.
26. China is an authoritarian government that can sound very bellicose.
27. The image of divine kingship was abused in Japan for bellicose and authoritarian ends.
28. Anyone who's followed Mourinho's history with the media even before he stepped on our turf would know that his TV acts of bellicose inscrutability are only for media effect.
29. Faber had imagined them to be young, fit , aggressive and bellicose as well as clever.
30. European integration has already transformed most of a famously bellicose continent into a stable zone of peace.
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