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Exclude in a sentence

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Synonym: barforbidkeep outoutlawprohibitrejectshut outAntonym: includeSimilar words: excludingincludeconcludeexclusiveexclusivelyincludingstudentclueMeaning: [ɪk'skluːd]  v. 1. prevent from being included or considered or accepted 2. prevent from entering; shut out 3. lack or fail to include 4. prevent from entering; keep out 5. put out or expel from a place. 
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1 We can exclude the possibility of total loss from our calculations.
2 The judges decided to exclude evidence which had been unfairly attained.
3 She gets very upset if I exclude her from anything.
4 True patriotism doesn't exclude an understanding of the patriotism of others.
5 We should not exclude the possibility of negotiation.
6 We can't exclude the possibility that he is dead.
7 This was intended to exclude the direct rays of the sun.
8 At this stage we cannot entirely exclude the possibility of staff cuts.
9 I cannot entirely exclude the possibility that some form of pressure was applied to the neck.
10 We can't exclude the possibility that some warmongers will run the risk of starting a new world war.
11 The university had no right to exclude the student from the examination.
12 We must not exclude the possibility that the child has run away.
13 She deliberately tried to exclude David from the conversation and show him how de trop he was.
14 The judge can decide whether to admit or exclude evidence.
15 The most important condition to exclude is colonic carcinoma.
16 Its demands probably do exclude some otherwise suitable candidates.
17 Earnings figures exclude share options and pension contributions.
18 This would certainly exclude both Conservative and Liberal Democrats.
19 Britain prefers absolute standards, which would exclude all products that failed to come up to the minimum acceptable level.
20 The haulier will seek to exclude his contractual liability for certain acts or omissions, just like any other shrewd businessman.
21 Some relocation policies exclude new recruits from receiving other allowances, such as travel and accommodation expenses.
22 Such clauses exclude all prior representations and negotiations, and, usually, ancillary documentation, such as sales literature, as well.
23 They eat only plant foods, and take care to exclude animal products from other areas of their lives.
24 The first task was to fence the wood to exclude sheep.
25 In some schools, Christmas carols are being modified to exclude any reference to Christ.
26 Few firms give part-time workers equal rights to such benefits, and many exclude them entirely.
27 Unionists responded by either boycotting council meetings or trying to exclude SinnFein councillors,( depending on whether or not there was a unionist majority.
28 For example although duration is commonly measured for tantrums, this does not exclude the possibility of measures of frequency.
29 Moreover, such a requirement would discourage prosecutions for the aggravated offence and would exclude private prosecutions.
30 It was also within the Special Commissioner's discretion to exclude opinion evidence that sought to answer the question before him.
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