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Belligerent in a sentence

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Synonym: aggressivecombativehostilemilitantoffensivewarlikeSimilar words: diligentlyinherentdifferentinherentlybellrefrigeratorfeel likesatelliteMeaning: [-nt]  n. someone who fights (or is fighting). adj. 1. characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight 2. engaged in war. 
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1. Watch out! Lee's in a belligerent mood.
2. He was almost back to his belligerent mood of twelve months ago.
3. The belligerent countries are having difficulties funding the war.
4. He is always very belligerent towards me.
5. Harris is a belligerent man with an explosive temper.
6. The police said that George was drunk and belligerent.
7. He had a belligerent aspect.
8. When getting drunk or belligerent became too exhausting, I went out exploring on layovers.
9. They were belligerent, they were bellicose, they were snotty, they were downright rude.
10. Apparently I became belligerent and he stepped in front of her.
11. They gave my new acquaintance a somewhat belligerent aspect, you may be sure!
12. A belligerent crowd of some fifty thousand gathered around the court house.
13. When police officers questioned him, he became belligerent and tried to hit one of them.
14. Some conversations of couples, whether affectionate or belligerent, have scant informational content.
15. A belligerent reporter badgered the President for the facts.
16. A whole nation of belligerent , snappish people ?
17. Alcohol made me sharp-tongued, indiscreet, insensitive, belligerent, and sleepy.
17. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
18. "A whole nation of belligerent, snappish people?"asked Nikolai.
19. North Korea remained belligerent despite Mr Obama's plea to tyrannies to "unclench your fist".
20. The boys found it hard to get along with Tom, because he always said some very belligerent things.
21. However, he mistook certain war-time conditions in the main belligerent states as being irreversible changes.
22. A diplomat who helped to bring peace between two belligerent states by mediating between them might be particularly well rewarded.
23. When he questioned her about her seriousness, he said she became belligerent.
24. Then the sections of the Second International had divided up between the different belligerent powers.
25. Robert Kennedy, however, continued to insist on a less belligerent initial response.
26. As tension between his parents mounted, Scott, who was then about three, began to get more belligerent and combative.
27. The stuffed cuckoo is bombarded by a frenzied reed warbler and a belligerent pair of nightingales.
28. She looked like a tank in her bathing costume, Hoomey thought, squat and powerful and belligerent.
29. Herbert Morrison, the foreign secretary, was among the more belligerent.
30. He had entered the police station in a storm of self-righteous protest and had been by turn hectoring, belligerent and spiteful.
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