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Pig in a sentence

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Synonym: Sus scrofabullcopcopperdevourfarrowfuzzgrunterguttlehogpig bedpig itravenslobslovenslovenly personsquealerSimilar words: bigdigpiepinpitbegbidbugMeaning: [pɪg] n. 1. domestic swine 2. a coarse obnoxious person 3. a person regarded as greedy and pig-like 4. uncomplimentary terms for a policeman 5. mold consisting of a bed of sand in which pig iron is cast 6. a crude block of metal (lead or iron) poured from a smelting furnace. v. 1. live like a pig, in squalor 2. eat greedily 3. give birth. 
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1. What do you expect from a pig but a grunt? 
2. Feed a pig and you'll have a hog. 
3. In the case of the guinea pig, the number of offspring varies between two and five.
4. A famed person and a fattened pig are alike in danger.
5. They stood gaping at the pig in the kitchen.
6. Would you like to pig out with us tonight?
7. The meat produced from a pig is called pork, bacon or ham.
8. A pig rooted in the orchard.
9. The pig to be hogtied was on the counter.
10. Lard the boned chicken with pig fat.
11. The boy made a stab at the pig.
12. He butchered the pig with a small sharp knife.
13. It was time to pig out on rock and roll.
14. Wild boar readily hybridises with the domestic pig.
15. The freighter carrying pig iron is cleaving through the water.
16. You greedy pig! You're not having another chocolate biscuit!
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17. They have a large pig farm.
18. There were hilarious scenes when the pig ran into the shop.
19. Buying from a catalogue can mean buying a pig in a poke.
20. You greedy pig! You've already had two helpings!
21. You greedy pig , you ate all the candy!
22. Loud grunts were coming from the pig sty.
23. He prodded at the pig with his walking-stick.
24. He can be intransigent and pig - headed at times.
25. They have several pets - a dog, two rabbits and a guinea pig.
26. The source of meat for much of this region has traditionally been the pig.
27. I only have a meal of bread, bananas and ice cream; do I pig out?
28. It's a beautiful piece of music but it's a pig to play.
29. The main course of the feast was roast suckling pig.
30. I've made some candies -- will you be my guinea pig?
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